Friday Find: Sprayology Party Relief—Party Girl Must Haves

Friday Find: Sprayology Party Relief—Party Girl Must Haves

It’s no secret that as soon as Thanksgiving passes, the holiday parties are in full effect. Party girls have a knack for showing up fashionably late, making heads turn, and turning out the joint all the while looking fabulous with amazing energy.

Outside of contraband substances, how do the girls that party from dusk-to-dawn keep their energy up, look great and skimp on sleep?

They may have found the answer to increased energy, vitality and great skin from a homeopathic spray filled with vitamins and nutrients—Sprayology.  Specifically, Sprayology Party Relief.

Sprayology has passed several tests with the Blinging Beauty TeamDaily Multi, TravelEase, Acne Tonic and Hair & Skin Tonic.  (After endless days and nights in NYC during Fashion Week, this editor survived this long nights and endless parties thanks to my Sprayology assortment!)

Here are the details about Party Relief Sprayology:

For use prior to consuming alcoholic beverages, every hour during consumption and and thereafter.

The therapeutic benefits of the ingredients described below are from clinical evidence reported in the major homeopathic materia medicas accepted throughout the world.


Headache and dehydration

Upset stomach/nausea

Sluggish feeling

Liver toxicity

Click here to read the ingredient list.

If you are a full time party girl, you may want to invest in a multi-pack set of Party Girl Must Haves. 

Improves sex drive + mood, prevents + relieves hangovers and supports weight loss naturally

3 full-size product set includes:

Woman Power (1.38oz Bottle)

Party Relief (1.38oz Bottle)

Diet Power (1.38oz Bottle)

Retail $75. $11 savings on this set.

Before you party, get your Sprayology!

Shop Sprayology here:



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