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CeleBeauty Watch: Model Veronica Webb Shares Beauty Secrets with DooBop

CeleBeauty Watch: Model Veronica Webb Shares Beauty Secrets with DooBop

Exclusive DooBop Interview: Veronica Webb Shares Beauty Advice From The Top

About the WORK IT! Series: We’ve asked exceptionally accomplished women to reveal how to create a look as impressive as your resume. Read on our exclusive interview with super model, super mom and super wife Veronica Webb. 

To kick off fashion week, the super model, super mom, and super wife Veronica Webb exclusively shares with beauty e-tailerDOOBOP her quick and easy tips for mastering a natural, flawless look for work and beyond. Below is Veronica’s interview that just went live on DooBop, and the following is a link to the piece:

Veronica Webb

*What’s your beauty advice for young women launching into the work world?

Keep it Clean! Beautiful glowing skin says you’re conscientious and take pride in every area of your life. I use natural cleansers and moisturizers. I recently got a collapsible, reusable water bottle which makes it economical and easy to get in drinking eight glasses of water a day.

*Describe your own ‘sure-thing’ beauty look at work:

Sheer layers of foundation for perfect coverage. I have melasma and I hate for foundation and concealer to look caked on my face. I love airbrush make up systems for a fast and flawless finish. I love skin so I use nude tones for shadows, contours and lips and subtle splash of bright color on the cheeks.

*Who’s your beauty inspiration and why?

Being a wife and mother inspires me. It’s important for me to look healthy and beautiful for my husband and my kids. I try to get in at least 15 minutes of exercise a day and I always wear a little make-up so that my family sees me at my best every day.

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