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Bling or Ding: Editors Predictions for 2011 AMAs

Bling or Ding: Editors Predictions for 2011 AMAs

Team Bling  may not be red carpet authorities, but we can certainly share our combined cattiness about the fashion sense or nonsense on the red carpet at awards shows—Bling or Ding.

Move over Joan Collins and Necole Bitchie, you don't have the last word on the hot mess arrivals and performances at the awards shows.    

That's not to say that we don't love who we love, because we do. As much as we enjoy ranting and raving over the bad fashion and makeup, we are truly happy when our favorite celebs bring it with serious Bling Factor!

The American Music Awards air tonight, and we have our predictions about who will show up Blinging and who will leave us crying from the multiple Dings that are bound to appear.

(Memories of Lil Wayne and his leopard print jeggings come to mind…)


 "I have a 'Blue Feeling!' Electric blue seams to be in all of a sudden.  Bling: Rihanna, I hope, will be less glittered and more matte this year.  Ding: Justin Bieber's skinny sagging female pants."


"Ding: Nicki Minaj.  I am bracing myself for another dinging ensemble from hip hop's Barbie doll. Her increasingly over-the-top attire has certainly gained attention, but the novelty has worn off for me. I don't care who designed it, a hot mess is just that- a hot mess. Bling: Estelle. Her latest red-carpet looks have been absolutely stunning. Love her signature 'do, the flawless makeup, and fabulous fits that work so well with her overall look. Let's hope tonight she doesn't disappoint!"


"Bling: I have no idea if Beyoncé is showing up for the VMAs or not, but since she has been preggers she has stepped up her style a tad bit. So I would love to see her Blinging.  Ding:  I think Will.I.Am is going to be a major Ding. Simply because he doesn't know what a comb is.  Or afro pick.  Or a barber… Dinging hair. And my favorite pink haired girl Nicki Minaj—I have no idea.  I hope she blings it out!"




"Bling: Jenny from the Block, j. Lo, Jennifer Lopez…whatever you choose to call her, there's no denying that this 40-something year old mom of twins is getting a BIG GLAMOROUS BLING from me. She always seems to bring that 'wow' factor to the red carpet, and hopefully she does so this Sunday!"


"Bling: I predict that J-Hud (Jennifer Hudson) will be seriously Blinging!  Since she has that banging body, I love to see what she rocks on the red carpet.  Plus, she always delivers a great performance. Ding: Lil' Wayne. Let's hope he chooses to wear zebra print jeggings men's pants tonight!"

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