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Beauty News: Caudalie Launches New Collection & Patent!

Beauty News: Caudalie Launches New Collection & Patent!



"Caudalie is a story that began with the vine, and it is also very personal experience for my husband and I. We have always wanted to make a lasting impact with our products, and as a result have focused on investing in research. Since 1995 we have worked constantly with Dr. Vercauteren to explore the treasures of the vine and to get the best out of it. Our permanent concern is to improve the formulas of our emblematic product range. Today I am proud to introduce you to the brand's 4th anti-ageing patent, resulting from unique expertise, and designed to benefit the all new Vinexpert anti-ageing range. It is an exciting and important step in the history of Caudalie, as well as for women seeking effective and natural anti-ageing action!" – Mathilde Thomas, Founder of Caudalie
No other molecule before has been cited in as many scientific publications and fueled as much hope for health, notably in the field of cell degeneration. Grapevine Resveratrol is today a flagship active ingredient in cancer research and some medicinal products are currently in phase 3 clinical testing. It is recognized by Harvard’s Department of Medicine as being among the best anti-ageing molecules.
In 1997, Caudalie and Dr. Vercauteren were the first to foresee the incredible properties of Grapevine Resveratrol for the skin. For the first time, Caudalie research successfully managed to isolate, stabilize, and patent it, and launched the Vinexpert range in 1999, now one of the leading anti-ageing facial treatments in France.
2012: Caudalie's fourth anti-ageing patent
Stress can hide other stress factors
Within the Extra-Cellular Matrix (ECM), carbonyl stress is responsible for the "caramelization" of sugars and rigidification, or even rupture, of the skin's support fibers. This phenomenon is called glycation and it plays a significant role in tissue damage, forms wrinkles and accelerates loss of skin elasticity. Carbonyl stress is all the more damaging in that it generates extra-cellular oxidative stress which activates its harmful effects.
The Resveratrol-Oleyl’s unique molecular formula means it is able to act at 2 fundamental levels:
– At intra-cellular level: where it stimulates collagen fiber production and increases epidermal thickness.
– At extra-cellular level: where it inhibits carbonyl stress to prevent glycation, while encouraging the production of superior quality collagen and elastin.
Results: wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity are fought at all levels, and for the first time, glycation is treated at its origin.
Genetically Proven Results with Mount Sinai, New York
The clinical efficacy of Vinexpert with Resveratrol-Oleyl has been proven by skin biopsies taken from volunteers. This study was conducted with the Department of Dermatology and the Department of Genetic and Genomic sciences at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York (study leaders: Dr. Ellen Marmur, Vice Chair, Cosmetic and Dermatologic Surgery, and Ravi Sachidanandam, Professor in Genomic Sciences).
The volunteers observed a significant improvement in:
      the appearance of deep wrinkles: 78%
      the quality of the skin: 78%
      skin firmness: 72%
      the appearance of crow's feet wrinkles: 78%
      skin texture: 89%
CAUDALIE'S COSM’ETHICS – Formulas that make sense
All Caudalie products follow the brand’s “Cosm-ethics” philosophy: formulas free of parabens, phenoxyethanol, mineral oils, sodium laureth sulfate, synthetic coloring and animal ingredients.   With Vinexpert, Caudalie is working with the WWF to protect one of the most threatened and beautiful treasures of biodiversity on the earth; the island of Sumatra.  The project led by the WWF, and backed by Caudalie, will contribute to better protecting all of these rare species, threatened by deforestation; to encouraging the development of sustainable palm oil; and to helping location communities to better provide for themselves.

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