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What I’m Loving Now: TRESemme´ Smooth Salon Silk No Frizz Serum

What I’m Loving Now: TRESemme´ Smooth Salon Silk No Frizz Serum

I have a head of curly hair which is prone to frizz primarily because I don't do the right thing. I don't sleep in a satin bonnet, or use a silk scarf or have a satin pillowcase – I just sleep. On my off days I'm known to just put my hair in ponytail and let it go.  And more often than not, I do not do a doggone thing to my hair.  

I go back and forth with wearing a hair weave which saves me time and energy and feeds into my lazy girl habits. Currently, I'm wearing a beautiful natural dark brown hair weave, thanks to Qilexa, with part of my hair out. Ordinarily, I don't ever have any of my hair out, because I really hate dealing with my own hair. But this time around, in an effort to look more "natural", my hairstylist talked me into leaving my hair line and side part out.

This look is extra cute and tends to be  more on the "can't tell it's a weave stule", BUT I have  to deal with the frizz factor of my hair. That means I have to flat iron the portion of my hair that's not rated up under my gorgeous weave. Flat ironing is one thing but having it last is another thing.

So my first experience without using any hair products to tame my frizzy hair: I'd leave the house smooth and silky and within moments at of experience a hot flash or humidity, I found my own hair growing into a major frizzy mess.  That was until I used TRESemme´ Smooth Salon Silk No Frizz Serum…

Here are the details about TRESemme´ Smooth Salon Silk No Frizz Serum:

Professional quality formula instantly smoothes and calms frizz to leave hair softer and healthy looking with great shine.

How it works:

Helps protect hair before & after drying.

Detangles & conditions all hair types without weighing hair down.

My results:

I used this life-saving serum on my dry hair the first time, and my hair stayed frizz-free for several days, even with my bad girl sleeping habits and continuous hot flashes.  Having long-term results with TRESemme´ Smooth Salon Silk No Frizz Serum is such a relief because having to flat iron my hair is a definite no-no.  

The instructions for use are to use the serum on wet hair, and then blow dry. Wow.  When I did the blow dry option, I had even better results after using the heat of the flat iron.  

Bonus—this serum makes my "other" hair shine and behave quite well too.  

Bling Factor:

Pro: Light weight, protects hair, truly keeps hair frizz-free

Con: None

Price: $4.69

Buy again: Yes

Packaging: 5 Blings —glass pump that dispenses just the right amount

Overall: 5 Blings

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