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Trending—Ombre´: DIY Ombre Hair Like Gabrielle Union

Trending—Ombre´: DIY Ombre Hair Like Gabrielle Union

Ombre´ Hair. We all love it. It's trendy and makes your hair look fab even if your style for the day is 'unstyled'. Gabrielle Union, here, really gave us a case of hair envy with her long ombre´ locks at her fabulous 40th birthday bash presented by GOLD Courvoisier. 

But you know we at Blinging Beauty will NOT be upstaged! It's easier than you think to get in on the trend!

You know you want it, so saddle up for this simple D.I.Y. and get your ombre´ on!

Hair coloring tools you will need:


-Coloring cape/Old t-shirt

-Bleach/developer or Box Color of choice

-Small hair ties (rubber bands will do)

-Hydrating/Color Treated Conditioner

*Note that this recipe is extention-friendly!

Start with detangled hair, sectioned into fours.

Step 1- Decide how high you want your ombre to start. Mark and secure with a rubber band, leaving the ends loose, like those old school pigtails you used to sport. A good height would begin at the bottom of the ears/under the nose.

Step 2- Put on those gloves! Mix your color, apply thoroughly to the ends of your hair below the rubber bands. Allow the color to set for the brand's suggested time.

Step 3- Rinse the ends thoroughly and apply your favourite hydrating/color-treated conditioner all over the hair.

Step 4- Now, remove the rubber bands carefully and rinse rinse rinse!

Style your hair as you wish…but with, like, way much more Bling than you had 45 minutes ago. You now have "special occasion hair". Boom!



We recommend Couture Colour for your hair color needs:



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