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Team 20/20 Product Review: ClickR Acne Skin Care

Team 20/20 Product Review: ClickR Acne Skin Care

Acne is a hassle.  It inevitably shows up when you need clear skin and sticks around like old fruitcake after New Years’.   Well, there is a way to clear acne, and its as easy as a click!  ClickR’s acne system provides a great balance of soothing, healing, and proactive ingredients that help heal and clear acne.

I tried the Boyfriend Kit and the Daily Dermabrasion Wash from the ClickR.

Here’s the info on ClickR acne products:

1. Daily Dermabrasion Wash $27
What it is:
A hydrating cleanser for use before acne treatments.
What it is formulated to do:
Clean, soften, and hydrate all at once with this cleanser’s unique blend of skin-smart ingredients. It sweeps away impurities and replenishes the complexion, preparing the skin for acne treatments and moisturizers that follow.

The Boyfriend Kit ($47)  includes the following:

  • correctR
    • Vanishing Mist – use daily to control oil, blemish-causing bacteria, and pores
  • hydratR
    • Acne Face Treatment – daily, benzoyl peroxide-free control for breakouts that restores ideal hydration while it hits zits at every cause and effect

My two favorite parts of the ClickR system are the Vanishing Mist and the Acne Face treatment that uses hydrogen peroxide rather than benzoyl peroxide, which usually  dries  my skin out.  The Vanishing Mist is great for a quick fix.  It helps to eliminate swelling and visible signs of irritation on the spot. It cools and calms my skin and feels great.

The Acne Face treatment on the other hand works well  overnight.  It can sink deep into the skin to stop breakouts at the source.  The combination of these two products have helped tremendously in my fight for clear skin.

The cleanser, Daily Dermabrasion Wash,  is great too.  It has a mild exfoliating quality which I love because it smooths out any uneven texture left over from breakouts.  Plus it doesn’t dry my skin out—a big plus.

ClickR Acne Skin Care gets 5 blings!


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