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Rescue Your Makeup

Have you ever dropped your favorite pressed powder, blush, bronzer or bronzer?  Have you left your favorite lipstick in the car only to find it a melted mess?  I have ruined more than my share of makeup over the years.   It really hurts when that makeup cost a small fortune or it’s your favorite color that has gone to makeup heaven.  Well, in our economy, who can afford to just toss toss that bronzer thats suddenly become a powdered mess?   I can’t.  .  I have found some unique ways to resurrect those broken cosmetics and turn them into a a brand new product.  REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE — my new mantra.

broken-compactBroken Blush or Eyeshadow

Mix your broken blush or eyeshadow with your favorite moisturizer or Aquafor or Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream.   And guess what?  You have got a gorgeous creamy blush or shadow!  Be sure your powder is completely crushed.  Use a little travel jar or refillable that you can get from the drugstore or Sephora

1.  Put your crushed color in container.

2.  Add your desired “mixer” in a small amount. 

3.  Mix until you achieve your desire color and consistency.

If it’s your favorite bronzer that you have managed to destroy, try making a bronzing lotion or tinted moisturizer.  Just mix your crushed bronzer with your moisturizer or body lotion.  The result is a shimmery bronzer to bump up the glow on your face or body!

If you just can’t part with the powder color you do have other options:


Sifter Jar $4 at Sephora

 1.  Put the powder in a sifter jar and use it as a loose blush or bronzer.  Apply with a fan brush for soft subtle color.

If you still can’t part with the  color, there is a way to resurrect the compact.  Follow these steps:

1. Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to the compact and use a butter knife to smooth the powder back into shape. 

2. Let dry overnight.  If you happen to have an ovent that stays warm, you can let it “bake” overnight as well.


Broken Lipstick

1.  Customize your personal lip balm.  Add  your newly deformed lipstick to a jar of Carmex.  Microwave for 20 seconds to melt and mix.  Next thing you know, you have your very own lip balm or lip tint. 

Japonesque Metal Lipstick palette 6 Well

Japonesque Metal Lipstick palette 6 Well

If you just can’t part with that lipstick, start your very own makeup artist palette of lip color.  Makeup artists mash their lipsticks into a palette so that they can apply for more saturated color with a  lip brush. This also gives them the ability to see their colors at a glance rather than having to rummage through hundreds of tubes.  I have my palettes separated into reds, nudes, corals, pinks and random. 

To do this at home, just pick up a pill box from the drugstore.  When your lipstick breaks, just scoop the damaged goods into your pill box.  Or if you are willing to splurge, you can invest in a cute little palette like this one from Japonesque for $15.

If you are trying to save that lipstick, you can always apply with a lipbrush from the tube, or melt the contents down into an empty lipgloss container.

There you have it, simple ways to reduce, reuse, recycle your damaged makeup!


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