Primp Your Man™ Redux

I started this Manly Man Makeover project awhile ago. But in usual Tracey Style, it got pushed to the back burner.  But I’m bringing it back.  Look for Part 2 next week.

Primp Your Man™ — 5 Steps For a Manly Makeover
May I have your attention please….
Beautifully Bald Boris

Beautifully Bald Boris

Okay, I never claimed I was below utilizing eye-catching tactics to get you to read my blog….And I said Primp Your Man, not pimp your man. Don’t get it twisted. I don’t know, in this economy some may consider the latter option. KIDDING. JK folks! If your partner is an Alpha male whose tendencies lean toward Omega side, he may be a little lax with he grooming habits.
With a little perseverance and persuasion, you can take your man from a diamond-in-the-rough to a diamond-in-the-buff. If you have raw material, become the potter. Mold that clay girl. In my book, a guy who is nowhere close to a 10 can become a “certified 20” as Usher says, with a little fine tuning. And the key is, he doesn’t have to know you’re putting the polish on that ride. You know how to be subtle, use those feminine wiles to put the icing on that chocolate cake.

The head-to-toe plan for the next five weeks — Headlines, Smooth Operator, Body Beautiful, Buff Don’t Polish, and GQ IQ.

1. Headlines

Our men rock almost as many styles as we do these days. From beautifully bald to to lock-a-licious, there are products, tools and expert advice to keep his tresses (or not)  in their healthiest condition. Hair loss is a major concern for men, so check out the latest buzz on slowing down the follicular fallout.  WebMD offers sound medical advice about which treatments work, and those that do not.


Michael Jordan Photo courtesy of Sport News

So is your guy sporting a shaved head? When you think famous bald heads, who comes to mind?  If you are an OG (old girl) like me, it may be Yul Brenner or Telly Savalas sucking on that lollipop in his role as Kojak.  Or how about Isaac Hayes who scored the classic soundtrack for Shaft.  I think Michael Jordan probably started the current trend among brothers with his signature shaved head.  Who gets your vote for most beautifully bald?  For me that would be Boris Kodjoe.

Kathryn Leverette, owner of Urban Skin Solutions, in Oakland  has smoothed the skin of  Danny Glover, Laurence Fishburne, Ben Stiller, Malcolm Jamal Warner, and Blair Underwood and many NFL and NBA players.  Kathryn offers some tips for your keeping his shaved head smooth without any lumps and bumps.

  • Bump prone men should opt for electric liners. Sanitize with a clipper disinfectant spray and never share. Change those blades every three to four months!
  • Avoid scented products, which can be reactive in sunlight, causing dermatitis, sunburn and dark spots.
  • To keep your skin and scalp even-toned, apply a sunscreen every morning, after perspiring or swimming, and reapply when exposed to prolonged sun.
  • To prevent acne keloidalis, a disfiguring scalp condition, never share clippers or go to barber shops who don’t sanitize between every single client.
  • Take your time to help prevent nicks, cuts and scapes.

Check out brother owned and operated Kleen Shave for your smoothest shaving products and accessories.

Does your man rock the locks?
Lock-a-licious Lenny

Lock-a-licious Lenny

If he has been wearing locks for awhile, he no doubt knows how to care for them.  Nonetheless, here are a few tips to keep those locks luscious. According to My Dreadlocks, there are 5 tips for lock maintainance.
Wash: Use a residue-free product to clean your locks.

Tone: Toning (or gently messaging your scalp) for a few minutes not only feels great but helps release natural oils from your sebaceous glands.

Condition: Conditioning your hair restores your locks from the root and can correct surface damage. If you are really worried about conditioner prolonging the locking process or undoing your locks, then only use it on tips.
Groom: You can latch-hook, palm roll or root rub. Or you can let nature take its course and use the freeform technique.
Style: This is the part that everyone loves about dreads. The hair style is so full of character that they look great even when you do nothing
Check out Carol’s Daughter Loc Butter, 8 oz $15 or Knotty Boy Roll lock products.

Is he the classic male?  You know, working it Big Willie Style?  Perfectly Buzzed?

Wonderful Will

Wonderful Will

Hair grooming for this guy is pretty simple.  Wash it, get it cut.  If you see flakes, get him  a dandruff shampoo.  Ajuvén 2N1 Shampoo & Conditioner is made for his hair.  Pomades are still best sellers for black men — Murrays, DAX and Sportin’ Waves have been around for years, but mass market brands like Pantene, L’Oreal and Tresseme’ have their offerings in the pomade division as well.  Of course we know the doo rag is de regueur for keeping his crown in control.

If hair loss is an issue, and going bald is not an option, click here for medically approved treatments.

Check back next week for Primp Your Man™ part 2 — Smooth Operator.  Keep his skin smooth as a baby’s behind.

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4 Responses to Primp Your Man™ Redux

  1. Ron March 24, 2010 at 9:21 am

    Hey there my good friend… just curious…. did you post part 2 to this yet?

    • Tracey Brown
      Tracey March 24, 2010 at 9:45 am

      Hey Ron,
      That would be a no. It’s sitting in my drafts. I have been shortcut posts…And taking midterms and writing papers and seriously slacking on my serious content here. Tomorrow — I promise! Thanks for checking in. Or maybe I should say checking me. he he

  2. Ron March 7, 2010 at 10:30 am

    Great tips. I appreciate you for sharing love for us alpha males out here.

    Can’t wait for part 2

  3. zetonu vakaru frizuras March 7, 2010 at 6:23 am

    it’s worth a try to fix my hair

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