Nail Files by Age: Product Review—Orly Snowcone Sweet Spring Collection

Nail Files by Age: Product Review—Orly Snowcone Sweet Spring Collection

I need my nails to pop, wow and bling! This time we will tackle Popping Pastels. In keeping with our Moody Blues theme, let’s test Orly Snowcone from the Sweet Collection. This pastel blue color is bright, fun, yet not over-the-top.

The Claim for Orly Snowcone:

“A delicious collection of vibrant, candy-inspired pastels. Cool off with the refreshing yellow of Lemonade and the chilly blue of Snowcone. Satisfy your sweet tooth and your spring wardrobe with the cool aqua of Gumdrop or the lavender Lollipop…”

My Take:

As usual with Orly, this baby blue nail polish, goes on smooth. With only one coat, Snowcone looks full and thick (not watery).

Smooth application and a fairly quick dry time are a definite plus with Orly.

Snowcone absolutely passes my 2-Coat-Challenge. Apply a good top coat, and this polish will last at least 3-4 days, which is pretty good.

At $7.50/bottle Orly Snowcone from the Sweet Collection is a good buy. I adore pastels so this collection is wonderful for me.

Snowcone and the entire Sweet Collection is a visual sweet treat for your nails. This beautiful blue nail laquer will definitely add to your Moody Blues. 

Bling Factor
Pros: Strong color, smooth application, lasts up to 4 days without touch-up
Cons: None
Buy Again: Yes
Price: $7.50
Packaging: 4 Blings
Overall: 4 Blings

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