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My Finger Sweets: Your Best Nail Polish Colors for Summer

My Finger Sweets: Your Best Nail Polish Colors for Summer

Summer is the season that you get to wear all the fun, gorgeous, bold prints in your clothing as well as your accessories.  An accessory that is not to be overlooked this summer are your nails! Think bold, fun, bright nail colors that stand out.  Whether you are conservative with your summer nail polish color, or prefer bright fun and in-your face  colors there is the perfect summer nail polish color to fit your style.

My Finger Sweets recommends a great shade of pink nail polish for everyone. For the summer you want to get a great bright and fun shade of pink—think Barbie (Nicki Minaj)!  We have a perfect Finger Sweets shade of pink called Pop Star Pink, which is ideal for summer! It’s bright, fun, and feminine.

Now if you want something bright and fun but a little more subtle try Citrus Splash. It’s a great shade of orange that is bright enough for summer, but subtle enough for the office.   It’s a great combination of fun, flirty, bold, but conservative.

Another choice for a great summer color may be a bit of an unlikely one.  For summer I absolutely love a pastel minty green color.  Finger Sweets version of this shade is called Summer’s Eve. Though it is not a fluorescent type of bright color, the combination of white mixed with a light green creates a great, bold, fun nail color.

So whatever your style or preference is for summer, remember to have fun with your nail polish colors.  Save the subtle, matte, and conservative nail polish colors for the winter and fall!

My Finger Sweets polishes are $9 and available at

About the creator of My Finger Sweets:


Sheena St. Surin, a native of Brooklyn, NY, has a passion for nail color and artistry of nail art.  She enjoys wearing great nail polish colors and nail designs, and was drawn to being able to offer people the ability to do the nail art themselves through tutorials, or offering them great nail products to help their nails stand out.

My Finger Sweets was born! In addition to products My Finger Sweets also offers how to videos, as well as a nail blog.   Finger Sweets is committed to offering a more innovative, trendy, and fun spin to traditional nail products,  Finger Sweets nail products and cosmetics offer there customers an extensive choice of color, design, and creativity and a chance to express their personal style through their nails!









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