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Moody Blues: Nail Files by Age Product Review—Zoya Smoke Collection “Cynthia”

Moody Blues: Nail Files by Age Product Review—Zoya Smoke Collection “Cynthia”

Are you a deep, rich nail polish color addict like me? Do you love that dark, shadowy feel with your polish?

If so, I have a color for your nail polish arsenal collection, my fellow beauties! It's Cynthia from the Smoke Collection by Zoya.  For your "Moody Blues" Cynthia is an out of the ordinary blue nail polish that will satisfy your desire for a wintery color.

The claim for Zoya Cynthia:

Zoya nail polish in Cynthia can be best described as: A smoky, blackened peacock teal with soft warm undertones.? A very uncommon shade of blue for a subtle but funky look.

Color Family Blues
Color Finish Cream
Color Intensity 5 ( 1=Sheer – 5=Opaque )
Color Tone Cool
Original Collection Smoke

From the Nail Files:

I adore this color; it's great Moody Blue choice. Why? Its deep, smoky, and creamy. Zoya’s Cynthia from the Smoke Collection goes on smooth and dark.

It did not disappoint. Application was problem free, and the manicure lasts about 5 days.

Cynthia also passes the Nail Files 2-Coat-Challenge with no problem. Dry time was fairly quick. Cynthia by Zoya  is perfect for the night life look.

Feeling dark and mysterious? Feeling hot and sexy? Apply Zoya’s Cynthia from the Smoke Collection and a good top coat. Your nails will look beautiful. All for $8.

Bling Factor
Pros: Dries quickly, long lasting, smooth application, beautiful rich dark color
Cons: None
Buy Again: Yes
Pricing: $18
Packaging: 5 Blings—Love the silver tubing that it’s in…gives me a sexy and sleek feeling
Overall: 5 Blings

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