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Model Watch: Liya Kebede—the New Face of L’Oréal

Model Watch: Liya Kebede—the New Face of L’Oréal

Liya Kebede is the newest face for L’Oréal.  She is so strikingly beautiful and hands-down one of my favorite faces ever.

Liya joins the ranks of Beyoncé, Kerry Washington, Jennifer Lopez, Frieda Pinto and Eva Longoria as a spokesperson of color for L’Oréal.

Even more beautiful is her charity work.  The Liya Kebede Foundation is dedicated to saving the lives of mothers and children.

About the Foundation:

Our Mission

There is something desperately wrong about dying while trying to give life.  The Liya Kebede Foundation is committed to ensuring that every woman, no matter where she lives, has access to life-saving care.  We work to educate policy makers and support programs that save lives in partnership with governments, non-governmental organizations, corporations and affected communities. Saving mothers’ lives requires the strategic coordination and deployment of resources, skilled doctors and midwives, ambulances, roads, clean sheets and basic medical tools, just to name a few.

We are dedicated to saving the next generation of mothers.

What We Do

We promote the use of proven, simple, low-cost strategies to save the lives of mothers and their children.

We educate health care workers and work to improve the quality and access to medical care for all mothers and children, no matter where they live.

We support community-based projects to improve knowledge and practices of maternal and child health in order to reduce illness and deaths.

We work to involve the public and advocate for policy makers and governments to invest in mothers’ lives.


Liya Kebede 2011 CFDA — Getty Images


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