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Manly Man: Best Gifts under $75—Molton Brown Solar Men’s Body Wash Set

Manly Man: Best Gifts under $75—Molton Brown Solar Men’s Body Wash Set

Who doesn't love a good smelling man?  Not that overbearing-make-you-want-to-gag-because-you-can-smell-me-coming kind of smell.  But that fresh, clean, natural soap and water smell.  

Soap is good, but scented manly man body wash is so much better.  Not the mass marketed body wash that commercials guarantee instant chick-action as a result of usage, but subtle, grown-up manly man scents.  

Molton Brown makes the most delicious scents, not just for women, but for men as well.  We have previewed the Solar Men's Body Wash Holiday Set for him—it's lovely.  

Price: $62.00
Men's body wash Holiday gift set for him
Save $22 (Value $84)
Bright stars
Why he’ll want it:
Four stars of our men's bath & body wash range, burning bright on his bathroom shelf. He knows what he likes. And so do we. A Holiday gift set he's certain to enjoy.



1x re-charge black pepper bodywash 10 fl oz
1x cool buchu bodywash 3.3 fl oz
1x fresh bushukan citrus bodywash 10 fl oz
1x bracing silverbirch bodywash 3.3 fl oz
This item comes gift wrapped (as pictured).

Product code: TBG793
Size: 2 x 10 fl oz, 2 x 3.3 fl oz


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