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How to Be the Bomshell – 5 Steps

How to Be the Bomshell – 5 Steps

You have seen her.  She just walks in the room and all eyes are fixated on her.  She just plain drop-dead gorgeous, exudes confidence and you want to hate her, but you can't because she's a natural.  She's a bombshell. 

Not talking the bombshells that necessitate an entourage of hair and makeup artists, stylists, publicists and never ending self-promotion, but the woman who just has that thing.  That IT factor.

How do you get IT?  Some women, due to good genes, have IT naturally.  Others we can acquire—"fake it til you make it." 

Top 5 tips for  Bombshell Status!

1.  Signature Scent:  

When you leave a room, your scent should remain. 

Marilyn Monroe

Your signature scent should leave  a subtle reminder of your presence when you leave the room.  It should have a hint of mystery, depth and warmth.  Light fruity scents just don't make the grade.  When asked "What do you wear to bed?", bombshell Marilyn Monroe replied "Chanel N° 5."  Monroe's  comment turned Chanel N° 5 into a household name.  

Now, Chanel N° 5 is an iconic scent that equates with timeless, classic beauty. Other notable scents that have withstood the test of time are Guerlain Shalimar —worn by Gina Lolabrigi, Joy—worn by Josephine Baker and Tabu—worn by Dorothy Dandridge.

2.  Easy Breezy Hair:   

Bombshell hair is perfectly mussed. 

It's big, voluminous, healthy with lots of movement.  If you desire bangs, be sure they are not blunt cut like a 5 year old school girl.  Bombshell hair demands long wispy bangs that skim the eyebrows and fall over the side of the face. 

Ever see a Victoria's Secret model with short spikey hair? I didn't think so.  Maybe the only exception to that rule would be the uber sexy Halle Berry.  She is the bombshell with the short hair.  Ted Gibson, the hottest hair stylest to the stars, offers loads of advice on achieving beautiful bombshell hair and has the perfect products for maintaining your marvelous mane.   

3.  Confidence  She can be 20 or 60. Confidence is a defining trait of bombshell women.  The dictionary defines confidence as belief in oneself and one's powers or abilities.  It's not always about the smoke and mirrors of makeup and wardrobe; its more about an attitude.  Confidence that is evident in their gait, posture, laugh and attitude.  Not being afraid to "strut her stuff" and sport her signature style. 


Sexy Librarian? 4.  Smarts The bombshell is extremely smart.  She may not show it, as a matter of fact she may dumb it down if it suits her purposes.  BUT, a true bombshell doesn't let her looks take center stage over her mind.  Keeping a guy engaged over a period of time takes more than good looks and charm.  There is plenty of that out there.  The smart bombshell has a killer wit.  She can hold court in a goup of dozens or keep you spell bound in an intimate tête-à-tête.  In order to punch up your bombshell factor read a book!  Think sexy librarian…

5.  Curves Leave the stick thin "boyish" figure to the super models.  The bombshell is all woman.  I'm talking curvaceous, hourglass.  Thank goodness women like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce', Jennifer Hudsen and Kim Kardashian have given the xy and z generation a wakeup call.  Can you recall a bombshell of yesteryear with straight lines?  Sophia Loren?  Rachel Welch? Lena Horne? That would be a no, a no and a no. Now of course, there are soooo many more qualities that make the bombshell.  What do you think?  Is there a top 5 factor that I have missed?  Who is your favorite all-time bombshell?  Do share!

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2 Responses to How to Be the Bomshell – 5 Steps

  1. Indigofera Beauty Expert August 21, 2009 at 7:15 pm

    I love these tips, they are universal. I would also add
    “Be your authentic self and smile”

    • Tracey Brown
      makeupchica August 21, 2009 at 7:32 pm

      I agree with those tips too!

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