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Green Day Thursday: Nude Attitude—Top 5 Organic Tinted Moisturizers

Green Day Thursday: Nude Attitude—Top 5 Organic Tinted Moisturizers

Stepping out in public with a nude face requires serious attitude.  Going au natural for a private skinny dip, sunning on a shaded a patio, hiding behind a pair of oversize stunners, or for a lazy day at home is not so daunting. 

However, going full-face-monty is a challenge for women gifted with nearly perfect complexions.  Squeaky-clean nude skin may beautiful in theory, but the reality is that between enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation, red splotches, acne scars, pimples, and dry patches, the average naked face is needs a little help.

One of the best makeup tools to fake a nude face is tinted moisturizer.  They are in fact the key to hiding a multitude of evils. In formulas that range from illuminating to matte, oil-free to hydrating and bronzing to color perfecting, a tinted moisturizer is the ideal way to even your complexion, minimize imperfections and impart a healthy appearance to your skin.

For next-to-nude skin, it makes perfect sense to choose an organic tinted moisturizer to enhance your naked face.

Top 5 Organic Tinted Moisturizers:

1.  Josie Maran Tinted Moisturizer $38

What it is: A protective and preventative lightweight moisturizer, sheer foundation, and sunscreen in one.



What it does:



An easy-to-apply moisturizer that gives a radiant healthy glow. SPF 30 protects the skin.

2. Living Nature Tinted Moisturiser $37

What it is:

 A sheer, natural hint of colour 

What it does:

Keep your skin looking and feeling fresh all day.  Active Manuka Honey provides nourishment.

3.  Suki Tinted Moisturizer $46

What it is:
This tinted active moisturizer is a lightweight, inflammation soothing daily complexion tinted hydrator. 
What it does:
Boosts collagen synthesis. Calms and soothes irritation and sensitive skin types. Fights free radicals. Relieves redness and inflammation.
Provides flawless, translucent coverage and creates a velvety smooth finish.

4. NuxeNUXE Teint Eclat Prodigieux $27

What it is:

Botanical active ingredients in a non-greasy, tinted cream.

What it does: 

Offers a natural-looking shade that blends ideally into the skin tine, evens out the skin with a sheer finish and diminishes the appearance of imperfections. 

5.  Kiehl's Ultra Facial Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 $24.50

What it is:

Lightweight tinted moisturizer with SPF 15.

What it does:

is readily absorbed by the skin to hydrate and impart a healthy-looking, fresh and natural-looking hint of skin color.

Go Nude:






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  1. Lynne_jj November 12, 2011 at 8:37 am

    Tonight is date night. Im going to attempt a portion on this nude face you speak of. LOL

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