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Fierce Friday:Secret Weapon — Glow like Alicia Keys

Fierce Friday. Wow.  I’ve covered so many ways to make it fierce that I was kind of stumped today.  That was until I started scanning the hot ladies of fashion and beauty.  One photo was of Alicia Keys from the BRIT awards and she was seriously glowing.  I’m not talking about shine from sweat or other assorted glandular activities.  I’m talking the affected glow.  Yes, artificial glow.

It’s Friday.  Get Fierce. Get Glowing.  Check out Alicia’s glow:

Alicia Keys 2010 BRIT Awards Getty Images

Alicia Keys 2010 BRIT Awards Getty Images

Note how Alicia is glowing from head to toe.  Check out these tips to get your glow on:

Face: No one wants shine like an oil slick, but well-placed highlighter on your cheekbones,  brow bones, shoulder and decolleté can help glow like Alicia.

St. Tropez Radiance Mousse

St. Tropez Radiance Mousse

Thank goodness that one product give you glow from head-to-toe!

Try — St. Tropez Radiance Mousse$35

Golden rules:

The Radiance Mousse is best applied with the fingertips. Take a small amount of product on the tips of your fingers and gently blend into the areas you want to enhance – cheek bones, eyebrow area – the product can also be applied to the shoulders, décolletage and even down the front of the legs to give a light shimmer effect.

It’s Friday!  Get Fierce!  Get Glowing!

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2 Responses to Fierce Friday:Secret Weapon — Glow like Alicia Keys

  1. Ethan Thompson June 27, 2010 at 9:26 pm

    Alicia Keys has a crystal clear voice that sounds beautifully-‘`

  2. Elana February 22, 2010 at 8:26 am

    Hi Tracey! I definitely know what it likes to get stumped with writing. But I think you did a great feature on Alicia Keys. Your brain pulled through for ya! 😉

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