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Fierce Friday: Secret Weapon — Classic Beauty a lá Sade

I have a girl crush. I admit it.  It started in the '80's when I laid eyes on Sade. I emulated her look as closely as possible.  My lipstick of choice became MAC Russian Red. I wore my hair in a slicked back pony tail so much that my husband begged me to do something with my hair.  (which I promptly cut off.  Yes, 15 inches of lovely post-pregnancy, non-chemically-touched-for two-years hair).  I darkened my already black eyebrows.  I matted my skin out with powder and skipped blush.  I think I was even tempted to dot on some freckles.  I wore a little black eyeliner and mascara.  And all that took me about 3 minutes.  Great beauty routine!


Sade 1984 Photo courtesy

Sade is an iconic beauty. Her look is timeless and classic.  Who else can look as gorgeous as the day she took our breath away over 20 years ago?

Sade 1985 Photo courtesy of

And how many women can hold on to their look that long and still look breathtaking? Cyndi Lauper? Uhhh, don't think so.  She has changed it up.  Salt, Salt, Salt and Peppa? No, they gave up the asymmetrical bobs and goofy hair and grew up.  (yea, I had one of those too)  Madonna? That Sybilesque chick probably couldn't maintain one look for longer than an hour.

Sade plays with us.  She toys with our affections. She's here, then she disappears.  She lulls us in with her rhythms, pulsations, lyrical stories that shoot straight to the heart.  Then she's off for 10 years gathering more stories for her next project.  I love that.  As a writer, I firmly believe that a story should be told at the right time.  That's clearly what Sade does for us.


Best of Sade 1994 Photo Courtesy of Sade.comc

I love every photo I have seen of Sade but my favorite has got to be the cover of Best of Sade, 1994. Even though it's black and white, it's pure.  If you have had the pleasure of seeing Sade in person, you know that she is oozing sensuality.  Bootylicious Beyonce' — I love her — doesn't hold a candle to the raw emotive sounds and gracefulness of Sade.

Soldier of Love shows that Sade has not gotten older, she's gotten better. Her music has taken on new layers.  She isn't just the heartbroken lover, she's the soldier.  A far cry from the Soldier of Destiny's Child fame.  On the beauty tip, she has remained the same yet not the fresh face of Promise.  Sade is the face of a woman who knows, a woman who doesn't need artifice.  Gotta love her. She's grown up and added a layer to her very understated signature look.

Get Sade's 2010 look:


Sade 2010 Photo Courtesy of



Sue Devitt Spa Complexion Tinted Moisturizer

1.  Skin is in: Don't mask your skin with heavy foundation.  Opt for an illuminating tinted moisturizer.  Try Sue Devitt SpaComplexion™ Hydrating Marine Minerals Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15. $40

Achieve a healthy, radiant spa-treated complexion with a lightweight, natural finish tinted moisturizer featuring extraordinary hydrating and refreshing properties of the sea, encapsulated in a proprietary delivery system that increase skin’s moisture level and vitality. Sheer, fluid formulation with SPF 15 coverage also offers antioxidant benefits while protecting the skin from harsh environmental exposure and premature photo-aging.

2.  Hightlight your highpoints: Make your brow and cheek bones stand out.  Try Vapour Organic Beauty Trick Stick.  $18

Trick Stick is an exciting new concept in skin highlighting and illumination. This light-reflective sheer tint easily highlights the cheekbones, brow bones, bow of the lips, inner corner of the eyes and anywhere you want a hint of luminous color. With a few quick strokes, Trick Stick helps skin take on a lustrous, youthful glow that appears to emanate from within. This new beauty must-have may also be layered to create depth and dimension on the cheeks, eyes or lips. Trick Stick will soon be known as the professional makeup artist’s secret to radiant skin.


MAC Russian Red

3.  Define Brows: Try a pencil with a powder texture.  Check out Benefit Instant Brow Pencil. $20

4.  Line and Define: Use a basic black pencil for just a hint of depth along your lash line.  Try Black Opal Precision Eye Definer. $4.50.   Apply your favorite mascara.


5.  Go RED: Red lipstick is timeless, and there is a red for everyone.  The perfect matte red is still MAC Russian Red.

It's Friday. Get Fierce and make it classic like Sade.  Swing your pony tail and paint your lips.


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  3. Tiffany February 13, 2010 at 11:36 am

    Sade is a beautiful women and looks great for her age.

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