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Editorial: Career, Marriage then Baby—Beyoncé got it Right

Editorial: Career, Marriage then Baby—Beyoncé got it Right

I’m in love with Beyoncé again.  I almost wish I were her mom.  Let me digress…

I recently fell out of love with Beyoncé.  I haven’t been so thrilled with her latest musical offerings.  While I do advocate for women’s rights, that women should indeed have equal standing with men on this planet, I don't particularly care for lyrics that encourage young women, specifically girls, to use colloquialisms that are tantamount to dropping the f-bomb. 

 "Run The World", Beyoncé's new-millennium anthem promoting girl-power, comes out of the block with a golden-haired Amazonian-esque chief Beyoncé rallying her tribe: "Girls, we run this motha."  Motha?  Really Bey?  I guess “Run IT, run IT” was taken by Chris Brown some time ago….

And then there are the multitudes of costumes that have been no more than overly blinged-out bras and panties.  Last time I checked, there is no shortage of designers who would give their measuring tape to clad the B-girl.  I chalked Beyoncé’s new minimalist attitude toward clothing up to her working up a major sweat during her over-sexualized choreography. 

Which is another reason I have been less of a Beyoncé fan these days.  We know she can drop it, probably even drop-kick it, so I have been yearning for some sophistication—to see Beyoncé rely on her chops, to represent as a songstress.  I don’t want her to do the Mariah Carey Diva-in-the-gown-split-up-to-the-thigh-hair-blowing-in-the-wind type of performance; I guess I have been yearning to see something…well mature. 

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t care how much bumping and grinding Bey puts out there, she is nothing less that genius.  I aint' hatin’.   What did Jay say? “Got the hottest chick in the game wearing my chain.”

On the heels of my predicting yet another predictable next-to-nude, power-pelvic performance on the 2011 VMAs, Beyoncé made me eat crow.  She proved me wrong.  Or right, depending on how you spin it.

Beyoncé arrived on the VMA black carpet, fully-clothed, ravishingly radiant proudly displaying her baby bump.  When the announcement came on that she was performing, I swore that I would have to turn the TV off  if she started all that gyration with a bun in the oven. 

Wrong again.  Beyoncé and her dancers were dressed in sequined tuxes, wide-legged black tuxedo pants, white tuxedo shirt and cummerbund. Beyoncé was the songstress I have been longing for. 

She kept her clothes on, her legs closed and it was perhaps her most inspirational performance of all-time.  Opening her purple sequined jacket to show off her soon-to-be mommy belly was an encore worth all her number-one hits.  The pride and happiness on Beyoncé’s husband’s face was a precious moment.

Beyoncé’s path? Career, marriage, now motherhood—the perfect paradigm. This belly-rubbing performer Beyoncé Knowles aka Mrs. Shawn Carter—is the model for girls who want to run the world.

Sasha Fierce is probably vacationing in the South of France.

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