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Buy Pink: Day 12—EBOOST Pink Lemonade for BCA

Buy Pink: Day 12—EBOOST Pink Lemonade for BCA

It's back again!  Our favaorite from-the-inside-out beauty product, EBOOST Daily Health Booster – Pink Energy Drink, is supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month again this year.  

Tart and tangy, our pink lemonade delivers everything you'd expect from a healthy energy drink. Vitamins to maintain a strong immunity, green tea to remain alert and focused, and B vitamins to give you energy when you need it most. EBOOST donates 10% of the proceeds from every purchase to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Just add some water and enjoy not only giving back, but also a healthy boost.

 Price: $28

 Where to buy: C.O. Bigelow &

We have reviewed EBOOST Pink Lemonade and it's a 5 Bling  product!


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