Big Hair: Get the Look—Solange

Big Hair: Get the Look—Solange

Trying new hair styles is exciting, empowering even.   So if you want to take a walk on the wild side, check out the BIG HAIR trend.

The good news is that you can go natural with your big hair, or you can take the faux route! Big natural hair allows us to exercise, swim—even walk in the rain. 

Who better to rock a big puff of hair than Solange? She is chic, fly and naturally gorgeous.

Like all hair styles, maintaining a lots of lock in a big hair style needs attention. Here are a few tips and products for keeping your big curls in optimum condition.

Hydrate your hair:
Depending on the texture and thickness of your locks, try shea butter or black castor oil for initial moisturizing. In between washes, a spray leave-in conditioner and light oils such as jojoba, almond and grapeseed help seal and protect natural hair.

Nighttime hair care:
Lightly mist leave-in conditioner on your hair at night and wear a stretchy sleep cap to bed. Normal tie scarves will flatten curls and cause them to go in odd directions. Tying hair in a scarf is a technique reserved for curly ponytails only!

Curl it up:

Set your hair with a non-flaking gel like 100% aloe vera gel. Rolling your hair a gel with a works well for a wet-set and maintenance. 

Best natural hair care products (for big hair results):
1. Shea Moisture Curling Souffle $9.99

Defines and promotes curls with a soft, smooth after feel. Nourishes and hydrates the hair.

2. Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil $10

100% pure, dark brown, organic oil.

3. Supermollient Essential Fatty Acid-Rich Moisturizer $22

An intense hair softener, deep moisturizer and hydro-lipid layer rebuilder for ultra dry and brittle hair.


4. Oyin Greg Juice – Nourishing Herbal Leave-in $12.00


An oil-free mixture of vegetable moisturizers and herbal essences that feeds hair & scalp, and is great for moisturizing, detangling. 

5. Fruit of The Earth Aloe Vera Gel $4

Made with the most concentrated amount fresh Aloe Vera leaves on the market.

Please share your product choices for big natural hair!

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