Beauty News: Luster’s Pink Smooth Touch Unveils READY SET GLAM Spritz & Shimmer 2‐N‐1

Beauty News: Luster’s Pink Smooth Touch Unveils READY SET GLAM Spritz & Shimmer 2‐N‐1

Luster Products, Inc., the maker of premium ethnic hair care products for more than 50 years, introduces Smooth Touch® READY SET GLAMTM Spritz & Shimmer 2‐N‐1, a unique product that provides firm hold with a built‐in shining agent; and is infused with natural ingredients including sunflower and argan oils. Until now, women who wore edgy, defined hair styles needed two separate products to achieve their looks—a spritz for firm hold and another product for shine. Now, Smooth Touch READY SET GLAM Spritz & Shimmer 2‐N‐1 provides both, saving women time and money. And the benefits don’t end there.

Formulated with sunflower and argan oils, Smooth Touch READY SET GLAM Spritz & Shimmer 2‐N‐1 helps to promote healthy hair while giving firm it hold for lasting styles.

”Luster Products invested years of research and testing into developing a product that delivers both hold and shine properties to consumers,” said Freddie Luster Jr., executive vice president and director of research & development, Luster Products. “The natural ingredients used to make Smooth Touch READY SET GLAM Spritz & Shimmer 2‐N‐1, such as sunflower and argan oils, also provide heat protection and conditioning to help hair look its best.”

Luster’s Smooth Touch READY SET GLAM Spritz & Shimmer 2‐N‐1 was developed with the hair care and styling needs of our consumers in mind,” said Theresa Stevenson, brand manager for Luster’s Pink Smooth Touch. “Young ladies using Smooth Touch are looking for styling solutions that allow them to achieve celebrity‐looking hair every day. And we understand that getting the most value for her money from a brand she knows and trusts is important to her.”

Luster’s Smooth Touch READY SET GLAM Spritz & Shimmer 2‐N‐1 is specially formulated for relaxed, natural or color‐ treated hair, making it ideal for the evolving range of women’s hairstyles. It contains moisturizers that help retain inner hair moisture to give relaxed and natural hair a healthy appearance and soft feel. It also conditions color‐treated hair to help combat dryness. In addition, Luster’s Pink Smooth Touch READY SET GLAM Spritz & Shimmer can be used on wigs, weave and other synthetic hair. When used with a flat iron or curling iron, it’s excellent for blending the textures of natural hair with human hair weave.

“Luster’s Pink Smooth Touch READY SET GLAM Spritz & Shimmer offers styling versatility without compromise,” said Kevin Pendleton, technical director of Luster’s International Design team. “Its shining agent gives hair a lasting, healthy shine and doesn’t weigh the hair down. As a professional salon stylist with four decades of experience, I have been thrilled with the results from using Spritz & Shimmer. Paired with my flat and curling irons I’ve found it to be a very useful styling tool for creating today’s must‐have looks for my clients. And it doesn’t stick to my irons!”

Luster’s Pink Smooth Touch READY SET GLAM Spritz & Shimmer 2‐N‐1 is available at select beauty supply stores, and by visiting

About Luster Products

Luster Products, Inc. has served the needs of African‐American families through its premium personal care products, as well as its contributions to the community for more than 50 years. Today, Luster Products employs about 300 people worldwide. The company's products are sold nationally and internationally through a dynamic sales force and numerous retail outlets.

Luster Products' main facility—corporate offices, plant and warehouse—is situated on 17 acres in Chicago's Stockyard Industrial Park. An aerosol production plant is located in suburban Blue Island, Ill. The company also has branch offices in London and South Africa. Learn more about Luster Products, visit

About Luster’s Pink Brand Smooth Touch

Luster’s® Pink® Brand Smooth Touch® products are for style‐conscious women who want hair care products that allow them to have beautiful, healthy, unique, head‐turning styles whether they’re walking the red carpet, shopping at the mall, or hanging out with their friends. The fresh face of Smooth Touch® is actress and R&B recording artist LeToya Luckett, whose signature hair styles are admired and emulated by women across the country. As the celebrity spokesperson for Smooth Touch®, Luckett’s picture and signature appear on the Limited Edition Pink® Brand Smooth Touch® New Growth Relaxer Kits in Regular and Super. Luckett also promotes the brand’s entire line of styling products, including Smooth Touch® Go Glitz® Olive Oil Sheen Spray, Smooth Touch® Hydration Vibe® Olive Oil Hair Lotion, Smooth Touch® A Reason To Gloss® Shine Polish and Luster’s new Pink Brand Smooth Touch Ready Set Glam Spritz & Shimmer. Learn more about Luster’s Pink Brand Smooth Touch, visit

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