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Bad Beauty Habits: Cimberly Will Treat Her Natural Hair With TLC

Bad Beauty Habits: Cimberly Will Treat Her Natural Hair With TLC

I’m in love with the "instant Glam" appeal hair extensions give, plus I’m extremely tender-headed so I tend to neglect my natural hair quite often.

I need to start taking better care of my own natural hair. I currently rarely wash my hair; and when I say rarely, I mean MAYBE once every few months; I know gross, right?  I’m EXTREMELY tender-headed and the whole process of taking down my hair, then washing and conditioning is an ALL day event that I like to avoid as much as possible. Honestly, it’s making my scalp throb just thinking about it.

I’m noticing that when I finally do get around to shampooing & conditioning it, globs and globs of my hair come out when I comb it. I’m almost certain that the excessive amount my shedding is due to the lack of care.

To help minimize the shed and enhance the health and condition of my natural tresses, I’m committing to a washing/conditioning routine at least once a week. To assist with the managing, detangling, nourishing and strengthening of my hair I’ve enlisted the help of Curls hair care products to help me undo this hot mess of a head of mine.

 I will be using Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream – Sulfate Free Cleanser, $15

About Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream:

This creamy, sulfate-free cleanser is gentle enough to use daily and moisturizing enough to use alone! Ideal cleanser for curly hair. Great for chemically altered and color treated hair. Perfect for active women on the go!

This rich and creamy sulfate free cleanser gently cleanses your curls, hydrates, and conditions the hair all in one step. Produces a mild, gentle lather, as it is sulfate (detergent) free. Infused with Carrot Seed oil, Horse Chestnut, Sage Leaf and Arnica Montana Flower Extract. Perfect cleanser for relaxed, chemically altered, and/or color treated hair.

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2 Responses to Bad Beauty Habits: Cimberly Will Treat Her Natural Hair With TLC

  1. Keke January 9, 2012 at 8:57 pm

    Thank you for that tip and responding to my Facebook post!!

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