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Angelina Jolie

Really?: Big Lips, Big Hips, Spray on Tans and Other Stuff (repost)

Really?:  Big Lips, Big Hips, Spray on Tans and Other Stuff (repost)

 I wrote this post to generate comments, so, please comment freely: When I started this blog, I decided to be a kinder, gentler blogger than I was in a previous life. I blogged for another company about beauty and all the related stuff that went along with it.  I really enjoyed chopping celebrities up and bashing […]

Eye Spy: Makeup That Kicks Butt

I’m not your typical chick flick chick. Please don’t make me see The Notebook.  However, I can’t wait to see Salt, because I love to see a woman kick some butt.  More importantly than butt kicking, Angelina Jolie wears some kick-butt eye makeup. Angeline already sports cat eyeliner, but the depth of the eyeliner here […]

I Love Lips — My Top 5 Celebrity List

I love looking at lips.  Maybe it’s the makeup artist in me.  Or maybe I just have a thing for lips, I don’t know.  You know those silly little quizzes that pop up on various internet sites — “Guess the celebrity lips/smile”?  Well, I ace those every time.  So don’t screw with me, I can […]

Best Black Budget Eyeliners — Eyeliner 5 Ways

Let’s face it, no matter what the trend du jour may be, every self-respecting woman has at least one, if not more, black eyeliners in her arsenal of eye paint. And we all know that the smokey eye, smoldering eye, the “day after” eye  are all looks that are here to stay.  To acheive these […]