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Budget Beauty Tuesday: Best Drugstore Finds Under $10

Budget Beauty Tuesday: Best Drugstore Finds Under $10

Your friendly neighborhood drugstore is a mecca for great buys and fabulous products. From hair care to zit-zappers, you can find a prescription for any beauty ailment — and at a great price.  Some beauty products are classic and iconic, while others are newcomers on the block. Nonetheless, you can get major bang for your […]

Weird Stuff I Tried This Week

I am always trying new cosmetic products.  I get an adrenalin rush when some new makeup or skincare product is perfectly yummy and useful.  Well, I had a couple experiments this week with some “different” products that left me rather lack luster.  As a matter of fact they were downright weird. First was a cleanser that […]

Smooth Operator — Top 5 Exfoliators

I commonly get mistaken for being at least a decade younger than I am. I’m 52, but don’t look it.  I’m sure that I need to thank my parents for the DNA, because they both look(ed) younger than their years.   Those that know I am in the beauty business ask what I use, advice, tips and […]