Oilive Oil Root Stimulator

Team 20/20: Top 5 Conditioners for Textured Hair

Fussy follicles? Barn Yard hair? Chemical damage? Nothing is worse than a frazzled mane that defies gravity…… No worries! Whether your hair is  short and sweet, or long and luscious, there is a hair treatment that will fix your frizzies and make your mane attraction more manageable! Tame your wayward hair with these hydration brews.

Budget Beauty Bling — Top 5 Budget Beauty Favorites

 We have all been affected by the economy.  I have had to tailor my beauty budget to my actual budget.  They never seem to balance, but I really don’t care.  I’m an avowed beauty junkie and with that being said, I have made some adjustments.  So now I have budget beauty bling.   There are a […]