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Max Factor

Fall 2009 Makeup Trend Dark Lips — Do’s and Dont’s

I love, love, love fall makeup and fashion. Unfortunately, the best of fall is previewed 6 months early in February of each year. Who is ready to buy for fall when summer is right around the corner?  I do get excited when I see the fashions, the colors the new products, BUT, I’m just not ready for the to embrace fall […]

Best Waterproof Eye Makeup – Top 5 Picks

I don’t know about you, but in addition to it being summer, I am experiencing my personal summers as well.  That means I can break into a sweat at any given time.  It’s pretty embarassing, but I have learned to embrace my “dewy” look.  Hey, others pay serious bling to get that dewy look and […]

Bye Bye Max Factor Makeup

If you love anything Max Factor, the granddaddy of makeup, you better stock up.  Apparently the line is not going to be sold any longer in the US  at the beginning of of next year.  The good news is that Max’s great-grandsons Dean and Davis have taken the makeup world by storm with their professional makeup line, […]