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Bling Team: Wyminn Boyington—Managing Editor

wyminn polaroidWyminn Boyington is  a ‘gadget geek’ at heart, enjoys learning anything new that has to do with technology. She enjoys cooking, and collects recipes and cookbooks. Some of Wyminn’s favorite recipes are ones she has  collected from family members over the years.

In her teens she worked as a babysitter for a high school teacher who was married to a Charles of the Ritz Director; she had the largest collection of makeup Wyminn had ever seen in her life!  She had no idea that much makeup existed and had no idea what to do with it, but she learned.


Wyminn’s  favorite cosmetic “Bling” is a good waterproof eyeliner and a volumizing mascara. She is also a crack proofreader and Tracey’s right-hand woman online.


Contact Wyminn at Wyminn@blingingbeauty.com.