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Ashanti: Glamorous in Red at NAACP Theater Awards

Ashanti’s old Hollywood glamorous style was stunning at the NAACP Theater Awards yesterday. Thank you Ashanti for showing taste, class and for wearing red lipstick!  I’m a little done with the nude lip for every single red carpet occasion.  Her Veronica Lake inspired hair and fresh matte makeup was too beautiful.  If there is ever […]

Royal Flush: Best Pink Blushes for Fall

I’m a blush addict.  A day without blush is a day without sunshine. When I see a woman loaded up on bronzer with no color, It kind of irks me.  Where’s the life?  Get some blood pumping in those cheeks sister!  You know, like after a good workout… This fall pink is all the rage […]

Tracey’s Picks: Blogs Posts I Actually Read This Week

I read lots of blogs, beauty and others. I appreciate that everyone has their point of view and some spot-on reviews and advice when it comes to beauty.  And I particularly enjoy when I feel a smile appear on my face.  Or better yet,  I let out my signature laugh.  (It’s pretty obnoxious)  Here are […]

From the Recycle Bin: Simple Saturday (or Sunday) Beauty in 3 steps

Do you ever have one of those days when you just don’t want to wear a stitch of makeup? One of those days when you just want to to incognito? You know, when the big dark shades and big floppy hat are necessities?  Well, that’s what I’m feeling today.  But, since my business is beauty, […]

Bling Out Your Brazilian Wax: Try a Jewel-zilian

You get regular bikini waxes. You may even get regular Brazilian waxes. So why not take your wax job to the next level? Bling it baby! Okay, okay. So, unless you are on the fast track with what’s hot and not in the world of waxing, you may not know about this dandy little service […]

Lust List: NARS, Peter Thomas Roth and Ouidad

I love fall.  Fashion is spanking new and so is makeup. With that being said, there are a gazillion beauty goodies out now that I really, really want.  As a matter of fact, I need them.  It’s hard to nail down, so no doubt there will be an updated lust list next week, but in […]

Hey, What Happened to my Pores? 4 Steps to Pore Perfection

Hey, What Happened to my Pores? 4 Steps to Pore Perfection

Are large pores driving you nuts?  Worse, do you have enlarged pores? I can say yes to both. First and foremost, pore size is determined by your DNA.  Large pores typically are oily skin types.  So not only do you have to deal with those big ole holes in your skin, but you have to […]

Keep Your Sexy Cool at the 10th Art and Soul Festival in Oakland

Are you going to the Art & Soul Festival this weekend in Oakland? I think almost everyone I know is checking it out one day or another. And why not, look at the lineup: WHO:      CAKE, MC Hammer, Tony! Toni! Toné!, En Vogue, Lenny Williams, Sheila E., Edwin Hawkins and others bringing Oakland’s rich musical […]

Ask Tracey: How Do I Determine the Shape of My Eyebrows

One of my blog readers recently asked a question on the Ask Tracey section of Blinging Beauty. Here is her question: From Tanya Q. How does one determine what shape eyebrow is better suited for their face. For instance I have a round face. Should they be thick, thin, squared, arched. I don’t know. Well, […]

Win Perricone MD Cold Plasma

Are you looking for the ultimate skin care product? Well, Dr.  Perricone  may just have developed that product.  Recently released Perricone MD has been getting rave reviews.  Blinging Beauty readers have a chance to win a full size jar of Cold Plasma, a $150 value!  Not only that, you can receive a deluxe sample of […]

$45 Lipstick? Or $60? Yea, Maybe

I used to think that buying a tube of Chanel lipstick was going all out on luxury for my lips. But no, uh-uh.  Not anymore.  Lipsticks are coming in with price tags that are really nuts.  What are we paying for?  I suppose it’s the status of that designer packaging, because no one really knows […]

Got Eczema? Get First Aid Beauty!

I don’t have eczema, but my kids do. It’s more irritating that deadly, but nonetheless can interfere with a woman’s sense of beauty when a pesky patch pops up on her face.  A healthy dose of First Aid Beauty came to the rescue.  But before I get to that… So what the heck is this […]

Fierce Friday: Rock Red Like Rihanna

Fierce Friday is for Fierce Red!  And Rihanna is our Lady in Red muse. Rihanna seriously knows how to make a hair statement. While Rihanna continues to rock her asymmetrical bob with shaved sides, the fire engine red color makes her a stand-out.  What I love most is that Rihanna is not afraid to pair […]

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