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What I’m Loving Now: Aubrey Organics NuStyle Organic Hair-Smoothing Serum

I recently whacked all my hair off. I don’t know if it was post mid-life crisis, my ADD or a combination of both, but I made the cut.  And it’s pretty cute.  Kind of Halle Berry-ish, but medium brown with blond highlights. Now, since I am having hot flashes on a regular basis, my hair […]

Eye Spy: Makeup That Kicks Butt

I’m not your typical chick flick chick. Please don’t make me see The Notebook.  However, I can’t wait to see Salt, because I love to see a woman kick some butt.  More importantly than butt kicking, Angelina Jolie wears some kick-butt eye makeup. Angeline already sports cat eyeliner, but the depth of the eyeliner here […]

Inside Job: Top 5 Eyeliners for Your Inner Rim

Inside Job: Top 5 Eyeliners for Your Inner Rim

I can't help it.  I love to line the inner rim of my eyes when I want to look extra. Yup, I said extra and left it hanging.  That's my new expression, "You're looking all extra." That's a compliment… Anyway, back to the best liners for an inside job.  While black may be your key […]

Faux Glow: Best Head-to-Toe Glowgetters

Lost your glow? Stressed out?  Too much work and not enough sleep? Maybe too much partying and not enough sleep? New baby and not enough sleep?  Or maybe age has crept up on you and robbed you of that youthful glow. All of the aforementioned can rob us of our natural glow.  Don’t fret — […]

Bite Me: Best Lip Stains for Just Bitten Lips

What’s sexier than juicy lips with just a hint of color from within? Lips that look like you just polished off a bowl of fresh berries. The look of “just-bitten” lips is a key to summer cool.  For luscious summer lip color, think cool and tropical.  Bright berries, plush pinks and raspberry reds are ideal […]

Hugo Naturals Touring Whole Foods In San Francisco

WHO: Hugo Saavedra, founder of Hugo Naturals WHAT: In-store appearance and samples to be given away by Hugo to consumers to test. WHEN: July 16th through July 19th at 11:00am and 4:00pm WHERE: Throughout California

Ask Tracey: What Body Bronzer Should I Use?

I received this question today in Ask Tracey: Hi Tracey, I going to LV, NV this Aug.for my B-day and I want an all over Body glow like Jada P. and Mary J. What would you recommend as a body prep so my Body Bronzer will look good. I have made my choose on which […]

Sheer Genius: Best in Tinted Moisturizers

Sheer Genius: Best in Tinted Moisturizers

Perfected summer skin dictates that less is most definitely more. So stash your foundation until fall arrives, and opt instead for the sheer perfection of a tinted moisturizer.  Tinted moisturizers are a triple-threat — coverage, moisturization and SPF.  With the dog days of summer upon us, a using a tinted moisturizer is the ideal fix […]

Easy Glider: 5 Best Eye Shadow Pencils

Don’t you just love being able to swipe some color on your eye lid, blend it with a finger tip, slap on some mascara and go? I do, and I have become quite dependent on jumbo “crayon” size pencils for accomplishing such a task.   Here are my favorites: 1.  Best Budget Crayon: Wet n Wild […]

5 Steps to Gorgeous Skin: My Personal Regimen

I’m not one to brag, BUT, I do happen to have beautiful skin. At 53 years of age not a line in sight.  My texture is not so bad and my skin tone is even.  So if you are want gorgeous skin, check out my regimen for beautiful skin.

Contest: Win Laura Geller Swag

I’ve been on a bit of a vacation — not much blogging, so I’m taking an easy way out today. A contest!  As a matter of fact,  look for a contest a week from Blinging Beauty.  Also look for a new format — that’s what I have been working on.  It’s going to be gorgeous. […]