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Budget Beauty Tuesday: Rimmel Smokey Noir Eye Palette

Since the smokey eye is a trend that’s here to stay, why not have one makeup palette that get the job done? Well, you can spend upwards of $75 for that palette, or you can spend under $6.  Hmmm,  let me do that math.  Considering that I’m saving for a new coat and pair of […]

Monday Means Makeup: FINE The Basics Of Beauty

I have been a makeup artist for many many years, and I really thought I had seen and heard it all. But recently I purchased Sam Fine’s DVD, FINE the Basics of Beauty, and found that there are a few “little” things I can do for myself and my clients that will contribute to a […]

Fierce Friday: Secret Weapon — Big Hair

I have a penchant for big hair. I think it began when I first saw and heard Chaka Khan.  Even though I couldn’t sing a lick, I secretly yearned to be Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan. So, since I could only sing into my lotion bottle and live vicariously through my Rufus LP’s, I […]

Rihanna in Norway: I Don’t Get Her Look

So Rihanna, appeared in Norway on the show Skavlan yesterday. I like that Rihanna takes risk with her fashion, her style.  But sometimes she leaves me wondering, “what on earth???”  Well, this appearance on Skavlan is one of those occasions. She is as cute as ever, but I’m not getting this outfit she has on.  […]

Mariah Carey was Just Plain Pretty at Golden Globes — 10 Steps to Her Look

Every blogger and fashion editor is blabbing away about what the celebs wore to the Golden Globes — hits and misses, hot or not, yada yada.  Well, I’m one of them and so of course I had to check out all the red carpet photos myself.  I was scanning photos and when I came upon […]

Budget Beauty Tuesday: Beat the Frizz with Garnier Sleek & Shine

I’ve said it before and I will say it again — I’m the poster child for big, frizzy hair. Without products that actually tame my fine, curly curly frizz, I might as well just go funky ‘fro. (Which by the way is my current state of tress…)  I do however have a segment to take […]

Monday Means Makeup: It’s Raining — Try Waterproof Eye Makeup

It’s been raining cats and dogs here in California.  And those poor (ahem) beautiful folks at the Golden Globe Awards must have been a nervous wreck about maintaining their gorgeous gowns and impeccable makeup. Since I happen to be having my own personal summers right about now, I’m expert in the art of waterproof makeup. […]

Remembering Haiti — Giving and Compassion are Beautiful

As I sit here writing, I look at my bookshelf which houses a piece of sculpture that my mother bought me in Haiti in 1972. It brought back some precious memories. The summer I turned 15 my parents decided on a ridiculously long family vacation.  Destination — Boise Idaho, then we drove cross-country to Miami […]

Budget Beauty Tuesday: Product Review Rimmel

I know it’s Wednesday, almost Thursday, and I’ve had a little bloggers’ block. But I’m playing catch up, so I guess I will chat up my latest and greatest budget beauty buy.  I am a mascara snob. I guess that’s why used pricey mascaras for so long.  That is until I discovered L’Oreal Voluminous. Well, […]

Monday Means Makeup: Cougar Makeup in 5 Steps

Not so long ago one of my BFF’s told me I should write a piece about makeup for “cougars.” I thought she was being funny, but she was dead serious.  She (like me) prefers her “fellas” a tad younger than her 50 years.  I’m not talking robbing the cradle, but considering statistics that women out […]

Circumspect Sundays: My Mom Was a Beauty

Celia Brown — 7/91936 – 6/29 2005. My mom was many things.   Some I didn’t like, we didn’t exactly have the best mother/daughter relationship, even though I was her only daughter– only child.

Blinging Events: Kiss the Curves

I’m a curvy girl — always have been, always will be. Granted my curves are a bit more than they used to be. Oh well, I’m 52 and earned every inch of my curves.  At any rate, I’m extremely proud to be associated with an event that is all about the curves.  One that celebrates […]

Fierce Friday: Secret Weapon — Go Faux (Lashes)

As much as I love mascara, I love faux lashes even more. I just can’t see to get them on straight any longer.  (52 has it’s downside)  Anyway, there is no better way to get fierce than to slap on some lashes and bat your way to the front of the line at the club, […]

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