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Got Frizzy Hair? Get Milk — Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk That Is

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair.  It seems that I love to abuse it and then hate it when it reacts to the abuse.  Well, between sun, sand and salt water, various home coloring ventures and an omnipresent pony tail, my hair sustained some serious damage this summer.  I seem to enjoy taking my hair to […]

Really: Keeping it Real—How Much Photoshop is too Much?

Really:  Keeping it Real—How Much Photoshop is too Much?

You know, Photoshop just doesn't do everyone justice.  Yea sure, the major fashion magazines feel compelled to make stick-thin models even thinner than they are.  It's a great tool for getting rid of bags and sags — just ask Tyra who has shown her Photoshopped legs, before and after.  Or even more recently Kim Kardashian, […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month — Shop Pink and Support Research

  So many cosmetic companies are now on board with exclusive products for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, that I feel no guilt when I buy a cute little lipgloss or compact or body wash whose proceeds benefit Breast Cancer Research.  I can’t wait to see the adorable packaging and pretty pink products that are limited […]

Circumspect Sundays: I’m Not a Chick Flick Chick

My BFF and I went to see Julie and Julia this weekend. I loved it.  That was pretty surprising because I am just not a chick flick chick.  The one exception may be Themla and Louise.   Forget all that Jane Austen, Jennifer Aniston feel good stuff cutsie cutsie stuff — I hate it.  I like action, drama, […]

Purple Reign – Purple Eyeshadow 2 Ways

I’m a baby boomer, so when I think of purple, I think of two things — first and foremost, the man who said “Sexy never left”, Prince.  And I’m a lover of the written word, so The Color Purple by Alice Walker comes to mind.  But as a makeup artist, I am always on the […]

It’s Fierce Friday — Hot Makeup in 5 Minutes

I guess I have gotten lazy in my old age, but I am just not into taking an hour to do my makeup for ANY occasion.   To get out the door, I’m a five minute girl.  Who has time for all that primping?  Oh sure, the picture of women in the 50’s sitting at their […]

Fall Trend 2009 Thick Eyebrows — The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Groucho Marx Who comes to mind when you think of thick eyebrows? Sade?  Brooke Shields?  Groucho Marx? I think of all the them– the good, the bad and the ugly. Sade  (the good), one of my all-time fashion favorites rocked the thick brows back in the day with a vengence.  I of course tried to […]

Circumspect Sundays: 84 years of Marriage is a Thing of Beauty

I think that sitting on the porch with your husband of 84 years who is a sweet guy has got to be one of the most beautiful things in the world. Even if "he wasn't much to look at".  I have a goal now.  Hmm, 52 (me) + 84 (marriage) = Eternity. I can do […]

Halle’s Hot — And Not Preggers

Halle can’t act her way out of a shoe box, but the woman is HOT!  She put all that pregnancy nonsense to bed on Jay Leno last night. Halle Berry Jany Leno Show 9/17/09 Halle Berry — Mos Def a Blinging Babe. 

Words of Beauty by Audrey Hepburn with a Touch of Bling

This quote beauty has been attributed to Audrey Hepburn, an inconic beauty herself.  Whether it she said it or not, I don’t know, nor care.  I love the content.  I have read it repeatedly and have a framed copy somewhere in all my stuff.  And since I started at least 10 different posts today for […]

I Love Lips — My Top 5 Celebrity List

I love looking at lips.  Maybe it’s the makeup artist in me.  Or maybe I just have a thing for lips, I don’t know.  You know those silly little quizzes that pop up on various internet sites — “Guess the celebrity lips/smile”?  Well, I ace those every time.  So don’t screw with me, I can […]

Matte is Back! 5 Steps to a Fresh Matte Face

MAC Studio Fix When MAC Studio Fix hit the market in the ’80’s, I nearly lost my mind. No pores, no imperfections– as a matter of fact, no skin was even showing.   I loved that perfectly finished face.  I emulated my makeup muse Sade daily — pony tail, matte face, dark brows and red lips.  […]

Beyonce’– Blinging Beauty of the Week

Beyonce’– Blinging Beauty of the Week

I am such a slacker.  I planned my Blinging Babe category for my blog months ago and haven't made one etry yet.  My list is an arm long, but today I had to start with Beyonce'.  You know why.  Contrast Kanye West's obnoxious display of self entitlement on the VMA's last night with Beyonce's gracious […]

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