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Fall Makeup Trend 2009 — Be a Gold Digger

In an era when China is buying up all the gold it possibly can to solidly back its paper currency, those of use who are reduced to acquiring gold in the beauty aisles need to step up our game. One of the many, many makeup trends for Fall 2009 is working your personal bling style […]

Beat the Heat — Water Resistant Makeup

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area — Oakland to be exact.  I guess we are just spoiled when it comes to weather.  Recently our temperatures have reached nearly 100° and the complaint level is has too.  For us, anything over 75° is unbearable.  So like any respectable woman, I found myself at the […]

Stila Still Loves Barbie and So do I — Fall 2009 Makeup

I remember my first Barbie. What a doll! Big hair, loads of eyeliner, perfectly pursed ruby lips, legs that didn’t end, itty bitty waist with and stacked. Barbie was the babe, the Barberella, the “Brick House” of dolls. And those heels! Barbie was strutting the stiletto before Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin became […]

Product Review: Garnier Sleek & Shine Anti-Humidity Smoothing Milk

Product Review: Garnier Sleek & Shine Anti-Humidity Smoothing Milk

If I had a dollar for each anti-frizz products I have tried over the years, I would be a very rich woman. My hair is fine and curly and frizzy. Not a great combination. And with my personal summers in full swing, my hair can easily tranform in to a bush of tumbleweed. Recently on […]

Bit O’ Bling — Beauty Riddle

Sometimes I have just a little to say.  I admit, it’s pretty rare once I get writing.  But today I have just a little tidbit to share.  So I thought this would be the perfect little  Bit O’ Bling! See if you can answer this:  What’s black and brown and covered in pink and green?  […]

Prescriptives Friends and Family — Save 30%

I have a few tried and true favorites at Prescriptives — The Vibrant C moisturizer and eye cream and Good in Bed night repair cream.  ( I think I just like that name).  For lips I love the Tint Balm and for eyes Khol Longwear Eye liner and the Perfect Every Line Gel liner.    […]

Silver and Black Makeup — For my Fellow Raider Divas

Yes, this stiletto wearing, red lipstick loving girlie-girl is a die hard football fan. OAKLAND RAIDERS to be exact. Today is the Battle of the Bay and we are playing the San Francisco 49’s Forty Whiners.  (he he)  So today, there will be nary a red lipstick near these lips, it’s all about the silver […]

How to Be the Bomshell – 5 Steps

How to Be the Bomshell – 5 Steps

You have seen her.  She just walks in the room and all eyes are fixated on her.  She just plain drop-dead gorgeous, exudes confidence and you want to hate her, but you can't because she's a natural.  She's a bombshell.  Not talking the bombshells that necessitate an entourage of hair and makeup artists, stylists, publicists and […]

Product Review: Anti-Aging Foundations You Have to Try

Product Review: Anti-Aging Foundations You Have to Try

I’m anti a lot of stuff. Like women who wear leggings and have no business in them. Or decaffeinated cofee. I just don’t get that one. But for the intents and purposes of my blog, I’m anti-aging. Yup. Who the heck wants to age “gracefully?” No such thing. I’m fighting it all the way. I’m […]

Carol’s Daugther Store Opens in Lennox Square Atlanta — Meet the Founder

You just have to love entrepreneurialism.  Lisa Price, founder of Carol’s Daughter, began with recipes of love that combined the best of fragrance and ingredients and turned them into precious gifts.  Today Price has grown her business from a single studio into a brand that has become a household name with a presence in Sephora, […]

Blinging Makeup — Rock & Republic

You’ve worn their jeans, now wear their makeup. Rock & Republic has the hottest, sexiest most worthwhile makeup on the planet right now.  Okay, I’m more than a little excited obviously.  I was a virgin to the line until last week when an awesome “counter girl” hipped me the line which features blinging compacts and pigment […]

What Happened to Classic Beauty?

I just dont’ know what happened to classic beauty. Remember the hollywood women of yesteryear? OMG they were beautiful. Classic with a little bombshell thrown in. Lena Horne, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Dorothy Dandridge…Those women had no need for fake faces, fake boobs, fake tans, fake hair, fake eyes and gaudy excess. Oh sure, a […]

My Favorite New Makeup — Smashbox Photo Op

It’s all about the eyes folks.  I’m almost obsessed with keeping my dark circles disguised and aging well-traveled skin luminescent.  So yesterday I got to play with some makeup  from Smashbox at the REIGN event (Valley Fair Nordstrom) and tried out a product that was on my gotta-get-it list.  It’s called Photo Op.  This awesome under eye […]

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