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Chopped — Short Sexy Hair, Now Ciara

Not so long ago I wrote about women taking the plunge and ditching their long locks for the freedom of short hair.  Halle chopped her hair and returned to her signature pixie cut and other celebs have followed suit.  Many of my friends have gone the way of short and sexy hair as well.  Now […]

Product Reviews — Neutrogena, Garnier and Olay

So my new mentality of less-is-more, reduce, re-use, recycle and sustainable living has taken me to the aisles of drugstore chains to purchase my skin care basics.  This is a big step for me.  I’m not a snob when it comes to makeup, but I’m kind of picky about what I put on my skin.  […]

Ciara — Her Favorite Beauty Products

Ciara is a hot chick.  That young woman is blessed with great genes.  I’m a makeup artist so I truly appreciate a beautifully structured face like Ciara’s.  I was excited to see her top beauty picks in my July Elle magazine. Ciara’s picks were not all the over-the-top, over priced, chi chi 0cosmetics that one […]

Circumspect Sundays: Beauty at 96

My granny is 96. She will be 97 next month.  She cuts her flowers in the yard a few times a week.  She cooks her breakfast everyday and dinner most days of the week.  She is quite vital and sharp as a whip.  She is getting frail, but she is at the same time so […]

Friday Fix — Recipe for a Romantic Evening

 Do you love to cook?  I do.  I can lose myself in the kitchen.  I’m a fan of the Food Network, and I can easily do the “30 minute meal” thing if necessary.  However, I much prefer the attention to detail and the love that goes into a sumptuous meal.  I’m thinking Mario Batali or Michael Chiarello.  It’s the planning, […]

Smooth Operator — Top 5 Exfoliators

I commonly get mistaken for being at least a decade younger than I am. I’m 52, but don’t look it.  I’m sure that I need to thank my parents for the DNA, because they both look(ed) younger than their years.   Those that know I am in the beauty business ask what I use, advice, tips and […]

Budget Beauty Buys

I’ve had to change my spend happy ways. It’s not necessarily THE economy, it’s MY economy.  I have admitted my beauty obsessions and the ridiculous amount of products I use.  I know I need a 12 step program.  Ummm, I actully like the sound of that.  Sounds like my beauty routine.  I have to face […]

Is it September Already? New Fall Makeup Collections

I really hate when it’s September and not only are Halloween decorations for sale, but so is Thanksgiving and Christmans stuff.  If it weren’t  for the fact that I’m such a freak for makeup, I would be complaining about Fall Collections launching in mid-July.  Well, I am kinda sorta complaining.  I am drooling over the colors […]

Are You Superficial?

su⋅per⋅fi⋅cial /su pərˈfɪʃ əl/  [soo-per-fish-uh l] -adjective 1.  being at, on or near the surface: a superficial wound. 2.  of or pertaining to the surface: superficial measurement. 3.  external or outward: a superficial resemblance. 4.  concerned with or comprehending only what is on the surface or obvious: a superficial observer. 5.  shallow; not profound or […]

Frizz Factor — How to Tame Unruly Hair

I’m the poster child for damaged hair.  My foray into killing my hair started in high school.  My best friend and I didn’t have a clue about how to use our Sun In. But we sprayed and went about our teenage giggling and whatever else teenage girls do.   All of a sudden Judy looks up […]

Best Budget Eyeliner

I am an eyeliner freak. I have extolled the virtues of eyeliner more than once in this blog which is pretty new.   I mean, come on, eyeliner is the equivilant to veggies on the food chart.  There are no less than a gazillion eyeliners on the market now, and I am such a fan of […]

Are You a Beauty Product Junkie?

Dear beauty diary: I wanted to figure out how many beauty products I use each day, so I started my ticker counting when I turned on the shower. Hmmm, Can I count that cup of coffee? It is a diuretic after all, definitely helps with the belly bloat. Getting into the shower and starting count. […]

Makeup 101 — How to Choose a Blush

You have seen her. She is really cute and sassy, and she is probably your grandmother or great grandmother. And she has got those rouged up cheeks.  I mean you can see those pink cheeks coming from a mile away.  She has just gotten carried away with the blush.  Let’s just blame her eyesight on […]

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