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Best Waterproof Eye Makeup – Top 5 Picks

I don’t know about you, but in addition to it being summer, I am experiencing my personal summers as well.  That means I can break into a sweat at any given time.  It’s pretty embarassing, but I have learned to embrace my “dewy” look.  Hey, others pay serious bling to get that dewy look and […]

Summer Makeup Trends — Look #2 Bronzed Beauty

I love the summer makeup trend that is all about bronzed beauty.  In fact, the summer look of a bronzed face is body is probably one of the easiest to attain due the abundance of bronzers on the market.  Whether you have fair skin or have dark skin, you can have a gorgeous bronzed and […]

My Most Wanted Bling — Christian Louboutin Shoes

I usually talk about makeup, hair, trends — all things beauty. Along with my obsession for beauty products, I am a shoe freak. In my in email today from Nieman Marcus I received an update on Christian Louboutin fall shoes.   All I can say is WOW! I want these shoes. They are blinging beauty! You know, without […]

L’Oreal Guilty of Racism

Everyone who knows me know that I am a L’Oreal mascara fool.  I buy L’Oreal Voumizing mascara by the truckload.  So of course I was very disappointed to read the headline that they were found guilty of racism.  I should have known when that whole skin lightening incident with Beyonce’ showed up in L’Oreal’s advertising.  […]

Beauty Icon Farrah Fawcett Dies

I grew up watching Charlie’s Angels.  I loved that show.  It probably added to my delusions of being a spy when I grew up (watching Mission Impossible didn’t help either). I got in trouble for holding my hands together in a gun formation and pointing and shooting around the house — totally inappropriate behavior according […]

Summer Beauty Trend for Nail Polish– Blue and Green

Summer beauty trends require attention to more than your face.  Yes, we love fresh summer makeup, but your body, including fingers and toes need to be up-to-date as well. So it looks like blue is making a splash not just in eye makeup, but also with nail polish. Chanel’s Blue Satin Nail polish was an instant  […]

Summer Makeup Trends — Look #1 Bright Lipstick

Summer is officially here and it’s time to change up your makeup look.  Try on one of the summer makeup trends I am presenting here this week.  The first summer makeup look that I love and plan to start wearing my self is a fresh clean face with a bold bright lip. To acheive this […]

Know Someone In Need of a Makeover?

Do you have a friend who is in desperate need of a makeover?  Do YOU need a makeover?  Stila cosmetics, one of my favorite makeup lines, is taking nominations for people in and around the Los Angeles area who are in need of  a makeover. We’re currently taking nominations for people in or around the […]

Rihanna Does Blue Eye Makeup Right Part 2

 Yesterday I blogged about Rihanna’s beautiful blue eye makeup.  In particular her gorgeous blue eyeliner. But Rihanna has also worn blue eyeshadow superbly.  Blue eyeshadow can be absolutely gorgeous on all eye colors, provided of course the eyeshadow is applied correctly and the right color of blue is chosen. More often than not, we see celebrities in bad […]

Rihanna Does Blue Eye Makeup Right

Celebrities are popping up in blue eye makeup on the red carpet as well as  making the blue eye makeup trend and everyday staple.  As a makeup artsit and a general consumer of everything makeup, I have known for years that wearing some blue around the eyes can make the eyes shine!  Blue brightens the […]

Best Bronzers for Brown Skin

It’s almost summer and bonzers are the way of the day.  I commonly get asked, I already have brown skin, why on earth would I use a bronzer?  Well girlfriend, a bronzer is your shortcut to perfectly luminous and velvety skin.  I commonly use bronzer for blush, but have found that with the advent of […]

More Pink Beauty

I just listed my top 5 pink beauty goodies  yesterday.  Today I open my email from Sephora, and low and behold, they have a little pink beauty bundle for lips.  Get Pink’d Pink Lip Deluxe Sampler ($80 Value) $37, contains the following: What it is: Sephora packed their favorite, pretty-in-pink lip products in one box—so you […]

Best Beauty Bling for your Buck – Drugstore Beauty Sales Ending June 21

I love a sale, especially a drugstore beauty sale.  I think I have Walgreens on autopilot in my head.  While checking out other favroite beauty sites today, I saw a great compilation of sale information that was too good to pass up.  So, I’m giving credit to Bionic Beauty for this post.  In the future […]

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