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Winter Hair Care: 5 Tips for Your Best Tresses

Winter Hair Care: 5 Tips for Your Best Tresses

In the winter time, it’s important to be extra careful about hair care as the dry air can easily cause hair to become dry and develop split ends. Here are a few simple tips that can help hair stay safe and beautiful during the dry, cold months of the year.

1.     Do not go out with wet hair. Wet hair is particularly prone to split ends in cold conditions. Wait until your hair is completely dry. Ultimately this small amount of patience will be worth it.

2.     Use conditioner. Apply daily and use cool water to rinse it out. Doing so will help your hair retain moisture on those dry winter days. Try to avoid water that is too hot, as it may damage your hair as well as your scalp.

3.     Stay away from excessive ironing and hair coloring. Coloring and ironing deplete the hair of moisture. While it can be enticing to add some new color in the winter or iron hair for a sleek look, overdoing either of these things will cause more harm than benefit.

4.     Don’t shampoo too frequently. Depending on your hair, using shampoo about twice a week should be the limit in the winter time. Excessive use will cause the hair to become dry and the scalp to become dry and itchy.

5.     Cover your hair when you go out. This is a big must when entering any extremely cold weather situation. Excessive sunlight is just as harmful in winter as in summer. If you don’t like wearing hats, try using a silk scarf to protect your hair from the winter weather. Silk scarves will also not leave creases or pleats in your hair which makes them a good option for maintaining your style!

The winter may be cold and dry, but that doesn’t mean your hair has to be! Take good care of your hair and it will stay beautiful throughout even the dead of winter.

About Me: I’m Josephine Pizarro and am one of the instructors at the Hair Design Institute. Stay beautiful everyone!

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