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What I’m Trying Now—Skin Care: Kate Somerville Complexion Correction® Spot Reducing Concentrate

What I’m Trying Now—Skin Care: Kate Somerville Complexion Correction® Spot Reducing Concentrate

I have a dirty little habit. As an esthetician and beauty expert, I know better than to tweeze and pick my pesky chin hairs. Thank you menopause. You may think that there isn’t an ounce of harm in tweezing, but there is. Particularly when you have even and ounce of melanin in your DNA.  Well, I happen to have way more than an ounce of melanin and way more chin hairs than any woman should have. So I tweeze. And when I don’t have a tweezer in my grubby hands I pick.

Now, I am trying fervently to clear up the residual hyperpigmentation from the tweezing and picking and am using Kate Somerville Complexion Correction® Spot Reducing Concentrate to help me out. I am applying this product under my chin (problem area) twice daily.  Check back with me in about a month and read my review. We will have to see if I have any good news!

Here are the details about Kate Somerville Complexion Correction® Spot Reducing Concentrate:

KATE SOMERVILLE Complexion Correction® Spot Reducing ConcentrateWhat it is:
A concentrated treatment that decreases skin discoloration and fixes hyper-pigmentation.

What it is formulated to do:
Have you been seeing spots lately? Clear everything up with a highly effective treatment that dramatically decreases discoloration and fixes hyper-pigmentation. Complexion Correction™ Spot Reducing Concentrate was scientifically formulated after years of clinical research. A comprehensive attack on the pigment melanin, it not only fades discoloration, but it also reverses the signs of aging that are associated with sun damage and hormonal fluctuations.

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  • Joanna

    I have used Kate Somerville skin care products but there was this one product which stood out the post to me as far ask living up to it’s name. The Kate Somerville Intense exfoliating treatment is great product.