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What I’m Loving Now: Zero Frizz Corrective Hair Serum

What I’m Loving Now: Zero Frizz Corrective Hair Serum

I have a constant battle of the frizz. With just the right shampoo, conditioner and styling products, I do manage however to keep my “frizz factor” under control.  Since I switch back and forth between wearing my hair natural and wearing it straight (using a flat iron), I am always looking for the ideal product to keep my straight hair just that — straight.  Between my personal summers and the extreme heat we have been experiencing in California lately — Zero Frizz has been my go to for maintaining my hair sans frizz.

Zero Frizz Corrective Hair Serum

About Zero Frizz:

  • Zero Frizz Corrective Hair Serum

This humidity resistant smoothing serum contains a customized blend of ceramide, UV Protectants, Silicone, proteins and Vitamins A, E and C to instantly smooth and seal strands.  This product is ideal for thick, coarse or extremely dry and frizz prone hair, and it strengthens while nourishing and providing high heat protection.

4 oz – $4.64 SRP at Walmart

Why I love it:

1.  The obvious — my hair doesn’t frizz when I use this product; it delivers.

2.  It’s light enough so it does not weigh my hair down.

3.  The price point — Under $5 for 4 oz. is a bargain.

4.  It works on natural and straight hair.

Zero Frizz gets 5 Blings!

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