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What I’m Loving Now: Aubrey Organics NuStyle Organic Hair-Smoothing Serum

I recently whacked all my hair off. I don’t know if it was post mid-life crisis, my ADD or a combination of both, but I made the cut.  And it’s pretty cute.  Kind of Halle Berry-ish, but medium brown with blond highlights.

Now, since I am having hot flashes on a regular basis, my hair doesn’t hold it’s flat iron too well, but that’s fine by me.  I like my mixed curly/wavy textured hair. But it’s the frizz thatI can’t stand.

Aubrey Organics Hair Smoothing Serum

Aubrey Organics Hair Smoothing Serum

So, I finally tried out Aubrey Organics NuStyle Organic Hair-Smoothing Serum, and it’s just perfect for smoothing my frizzies, without being heavy or unnecessarily coating my hair. I love it.  I can go “natural” without looking like I stuck my hair in an electrical socket.  And the best part is that my hair FEELS good.

1.7 oz. $21

About Aubrey Organics NuStyle Organic Hair-Smoothing Serum:

Made with quinoa protein and other plant-based certified organic ingredients, this nutrient-rich serum replenishes moisture and smoothes the hair’s cuticle to reduce frizzing and repair damaged ends. Use after or in-between shampoos to protect hair from blow dryer and flat iron damage and restore manageability and shine. Makes an excellent deep-conditioning treatment for damaged, brittle hair and split ends. USDA, NOP certified organic.

I give Aubrey Organics NuSTyle Organic Hair-Smoothing Serum 5 Blings!

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  • SanTara

    i didn’t evem know they has a serum. thank you for the review 🙂