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Trending—We <3 Dad: Give Him I Coloniali Men's Rituals Luxury Grooming Products

Trending—We <3 Dad: Give Him I Coloniali Men's Rituals Luxury Grooming Products

i coloniali men's rituals

I Coloniali, the iconic Italian bath & body brand, has launched Men’s Rituals, a great new gift idea for Father’s Day that is sure to become his latest addiction!

Men’s Rituals is a collection of shaving & skincare products created with naturally-sourced ingredients, like mango and rhubarb. Mango, an ancient fruit of the Indian culture, is used for its emollient and protective properties. Rhubarb, a small white plant originally from China and Tibet, possesses purifying and soothing properties.

I Coloniali is one of the first brands to create a regimen for men centrally-focused on these ingredients. The line is geared toward the man who goes beyond mere appearance, making grooming into an expression of being one with himself, and in harmony with nature and its rhythm.

Products include Shaving Cream with Mango Oil, Facial and Shaving Balm with Mango Kernal Oil, Softening Shaving Cream with Rhubarb, and Soothing Aftershave Emulsion with Rhubarb. The packaging is exquisite, offering a selection of natural terra cotta containers. The rhubarb products already have a cult-following with women particularly loving the Softening Shaving Cream for their own addictive ritual!I Coloniali is the innovative results-oriented bath and body brand that cares for the

‘Whole person’, offering a series of products enriched with vital ingredients and health giving properties sourced from around the world to establish harmony within the body, mind and spirit.

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