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Team 20/20 Product Review: Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Hydromist Blow-Out Spray & Hydrocream Whip

Team 20/20 Product Review: Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Hydromist Blow-Out Spray & Hydrocream Whip

Not often do we find a product that works great no matter what your hair decides to do for the day.

Let’s face it, ladies. That phrase, “My hair has a mind of it’s own”, is pure fact. Fortunately, my crazy hair found a therapist!

Paul Mitchell Hydromist Blow-Out Spray has harnessed the power of all things moisture.

Here is the claim:
Hydromist Blow-Out Spray™
Spray onto damp hair and create the perfect blow-out.Natural Awaphui and honey extract help balance moisture and eliminate frizz while lightweight conditioners help protect from damage.
Provides a long-lasting, healthy-looking finish with UV and color protection.

Key Benefits:
* Ideal blow-dry prep with long-lasting volume
* Weightless, touchable hold
* Awapuhi & honey extract help balance moisture

My results:

The honey and castor oil on the label almost made me a texture skeptic, but thank goodness I got over that! The product creates a weightless shield of fabulous moisture for everyday use, be it a Smooth Vixen or Curly Diva. Not to mention the divine smell of perfectly mixed sweet and spicy goodness that will have you ‘accidentally’ body spraying. But I digress…

Hydrocream Whip claims “Frizz Control” and a “Touchable Hold”.

Here is the claim:

Hydrocream Whip™
Enjoy long-lasting,touchable hold and volume with skily,soft finish.Light conditioners and natural Awapuhi extract fight frizz and blance moisture for healthy-looking hair.

Key benefits:
* Silky, touchable finish
* Healthy-looking volume
* Awapuhi extract hydrates and fights frizz

My results:

I found that this mousse-textured product did just that, especially for blow-out styles. Note, though, Curly Girls may need to apply an extra moisture cream before hand if you plan on wearing a natural style, adding the Hydromist as the finale. The only downside to the Hydrocream Whip is the initial concentrated aroma, which thankfully dissipates after heat styling.

I would gladly recommend these products to you!  Although the Hydrocream Whip may be better suited for straight hair, the Hydromist Blow-Out Spray knows no bounds. Enjoy them as much as I am right now!

Pro: Moisturizing ingredients, Easy-to-use, Smells Wonderful
Con: None
Buy Again: Yes
Pro: Non-Stick Hold and Volume
Con: Strong Aroma
Buy Again: No
Price: $$
Packaging: 4 Blings
Overall: 5 Blings

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