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What I’m Trying Now: Palmer’s Massage Cream for Stretch Marks

What I’m Trying Now: Palmer’s Massage Cream for Stretch Marks

   To my great dismay I've collected some stretch marks over the years and while most people associate stretch marks with pregnancy, I got them from gaining and  losing significant weight. They aren't terribly noticeable but knowing that they're present is enough for me. I've long heard that Palmer's Cocoa Butter was great for tackling […]

Product Review—Skin Care: glo•therapeutics Refreshing Mist

Product Review—Skin Care: glo•therapeutics Refreshing Mist

It's been unusually warm here on the east coast and there's nothing worse than being hot and feeling like your face is going to slide off. The warm weather has really put a kick start into my exercising and I must admit that after finishing my workouts I want to splash an entire bottle of […]

The Blinging Bride: Tip #1 No Bridezilla Puffy Eyes

The Blinging Bride: Tip #1 No Bridezilla Puffy Eyes

Blinging Bride Tip #1 – Combatting Puffy Eyes Late night internet browsing can be rather successful when looking for the perfect bridesmaid dresses or a great deal on party favors, but the early morning results are not so great—puffy eyes and dark circles do not make for a good morning. So after hours of late […]

Product Review: Avon ANEW REVERSALIST Renewal Foaming Cleanser

Product Review: Avon ANEW REVERSALIST Renewal Foaming Cleanser

Obsessed with skincare I’m always looking to try new facial cleansers that wash away the harsh effects of the day and leaves my skin feeling not only clean but moisturized and refreshed. It has been quite some time since I’ve used AVON but I’ve heard nothing but good things about the ANEW REVERSALIST line so […]

Win It: $50 Gift Card from Apothica

Win It: $50 Gift Card from Apothica

If you wear eyeshadow or eyeliner regularly, you know the importance of long-wearing products that remain creaseless until you take them off.  Sometimes we find those formulas in our eyeshadows, other times we find a shadow that we are in love with, but it does not have that long-wear factor.  Well, that’s when your eye […]

Tracey’s Picks: Blogs Posts I Actually Read This Week

I read lots of blogs, beauty and others. I appreciate that everyone has their point of view and some spot-on reviews and advice when it comes to beauty.  And I particularly enjoy when I feel a smile appear on my face.  Or better yet,  I let out my signature laugh.  (It’s pretty obnoxious)  Here are […]

Got Eczema? Get First Aid Beauty!

I don’t have eczema, but my kids do. It’s more irritating that deadly, but nonetheless can interfere with a woman’s sense of beauty when a pesky patch pops up on her face.  A healthy dose of First Aid Beauty came to the rescue.  But before I get to that… So what the heck is this […]

5 Steps to Gorgeous Skin: My Personal Regimen

I’m not one to brag, BUT, I do happen to have beautiful skin. At 53 years of age not a line in sight.  My texture is not so bad and my skin tone is even.  So if you are want gorgeous skin, check out my regimen for beautiful skin.

Body Beautiful for Spring

It’s time to shed your winter “coat”! For most of us, shaving and waxing are necessary evils, unless you’re comfortable showing your hair-raising style like Oscar winner Mo’Nique. Spring is the ideal time to prepare for the body-revealing fashions of summer months. So get a leg up and buff and shine your way to sexy […]

Bamboo is The Hottest Ticket in Beauty

Did you know that bamboo is one of the hottest ingredients in beauty? I recently wrote a story about how “haute” bamboo is for Jones Magazine, and I think you should check it out. Photo courtesy of Naomi Campbell may very well be the poster child of sustainability on the runway. But today sustainability has […]

The New Hybrids — I’m Not Talking Cars

When you hear the word hybrid, what comes to mind? An energy efficient car? A cross-bred plant? Or maybe some freakish animal?  Well, I’m not referring to any of those (as much as I still want a Prius despite the whole Toyota scandal).  Dr. Murad, the man whose products and educational programs built my skin […]

Product Review: Relastin Eye Silk

I am absolutely obsessed with eye creams. At any given moment throughout the day, you can probably spot me dabbing something around my eyes, and most recently that has been Relastin Eye Silk. (I don’t tend to use products as recommended)  If everything else on my face falls apart, I will have smooth tight eyes […]

Practice Safe Sun: Don’t Forget the SPF

My daughters are on spring break, and so are most other college kids right now.  Many of them in a sun-kissed location doing things their parents are trying not to think about.  But the whole point there is not about the rites of spring break, but how important sunscreen is.  Most of the sun damage […]

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