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Blinging Beauty Gift Picks: Black Opal Papaya Body Care

Blinging Beauty Gift Picks: Black Opal Papaya Body Care

Winter is upon is and taking care of our largest organ — our skin— is extremely important.  Besides cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing is beneficial. Black Opal Beauty has a delicious trio of papaya body products with papaya that are ideal for gifting. The Moisture Care Body System includes a daily wash, exfoliator and body butter. […]

Blinging Beauty Contests: The Minimalist — Asili Body Butter Giveaway

Blinging Beauty Contests: The Minimalist — Asili Body Butter Giveaway

Pamela Willis-Jones, the mixtress behind Asili Body Products, is sponsoring a giveaway for three Blinging  Beauty readers! This one is a real treat- a  jar of Asili’s amazing Almond Body Butter. You already know I’m a convert, I use this stuff daily. If you missed it, see my review here. I truly hope our winners […]

Body Beautiful for Spring

It’s time to shed your winter “coat”! For most of us, shaving and waxing are necessary evils, unless you’re comfortable showing your hair-raising style like Oscar winner Mo’Nique. Spring is the ideal time to prepare for the body-revealing fashions of summer months. So get a leg up and buff and shine your way to sexy […]

A Cookie That Won’t Make You Fat

Not so long ago, I did a poll of my friends and readers about thier one can’t-live-without beauty product. Well, it was a pretty close time between lipgloss (numero uno) and lotion, a close runner-up.  Well, that made me realize that I really do love lotion.  The simple fact that I use four variations everyday […]

Friday Fix — Recipe for a Romantic Evening

 Do you love to cook?  I do.  I can lose myself in the kitchen.  I’m a fan of the Food Network, and I can easily do the “30 minute meal” thing if necessary.  However, I much prefer the attention to detail and the love that goes into a sumptuous meal.  I’m thinking Mario Batali or Michael Chiarello.  It’s the planning, […]

Are You a Beauty Product Junkie?

Dear beauty diary: I wanted to figure out how many beauty products I use each day, so I started my ticker counting when I turned on the shower. Hmmm, Can I count that cup of coffee? It is a diuretic after all, definitely helps with the belly bloat. Getting into the shower and starting count. […]