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Beyonce’ Heat Ad Too Hot for Daytime TV in UK

Beyonce’ Heat Ad Too Hot for Daytime TV in UK

We all know that Beyoncé is  a hottie.  Well, all that hotness in her the ad for her fragrance HEAT was just a tad much for UK television.  Surprising huh?  So she’s a little boobilicious here and extremely shiny, greasy, no sweaty is suppose is the right word,  (looks more like a swimsuit shoot), is […]

Beyonce Makes it Hot — Fragrance Launch Heat

Beyonce’ Launches her new fragrance — HEAT.  On fragrance counters nationwide in February 2010. InStyle reports: Beyonce is adding some sizzle to your nearest perfume counter with her debut fragrance, Heat. The bottle was inspired by the singer’s performances—”A lot of [them] have had fire involved… Also red is one of my favorite colors, as […]