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Jones Magazine: the [skin]ny — Top 5 Exfoliators

Jones Magazine: the [skin]ny — Top 5 Exfoliators

The [skin]ny with Tracey Brown: Winter Skincare: The Top 5 Exfoliators From If your skin is looking a little dull and lackluster due to the Winter cold, it is probably in need of a little polishing. The best way to get your skin glowing is with a good exfoliation. As we age, the natural exfoliation […]

Body Beautiful for Spring

It’s time to shed your winter “coat”! For most of us, shaving and waxing are necessary evils, unless you’re comfortable showing your hair-raising style like Oscar winner Mo’Nique. Spring is the ideal time to prepare for the body-revealing fashions of summer months. So get a leg up and buff and shine your way to sexy […]