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Beauty News: Here Comes the Blinging Bride!

Beauty News:  Here Comes the Blinging Bride!

Wedding planning can be, well – a nightmare.  It can leave you looking like one too!  Between tastings and fittings and favors, the stress of wedding planning can manifest itself all over a bride’s face (trust me, I know).  Acting like bride-zilla is bad enough; there is no need to look like her too.  As […]

Bad Beauty Habits: Myss Glam Pledges to Prep Her Hair For Bed

Bad Beauty Habits: Myss Glam Pledges to Prep Her Hair For Bed

Although I like to dole out beauty advice, I must admit I have a few bad beauty habits of my own.  It’s shameful, I know, but nobody’s perfect! Besides not removing my make-up sometimes after a long night, I'm also a frequent offender of forgetting to prep my hair before bed. If I’m really tired after a busy […]

Blinging Mommy: Get the Look—Glam Mom Garcelle Beauvais

Blinging Mommy: Get the Look—Glam Mom Garcelle Beauvais

A Glam Mommy with natural beauty, Garcelle Beauvais never disappoints with her red carpet looks. Her naturally flawless, carmel-toned skin, and long, shiny tresses make the perfect palette for almost any look. With side-swept hair, she rocks a clean, simplistic, yet glam look. This is a great look for a busy but Glam Mom who wants […]

Gettin’ Peachy With It — Summer Makeup Picks Redux

Gettin’ Peachy With It — Summer Makeup Picks Redux

Pink is all the rage for summer makeup.  But I'm a little over it.  Dont' get me wrong, I love pink.  Just look at my blog theme.  Pink is so girlie and cute.  But who wants to look girlie and cute all the time. Editor's note: When this post first published, I had a different […]

The New Hybrids — I’m Not Talking Cars

When you hear the word hybrid, what comes to mind? An energy efficient car? A cross-bred plant? Or maybe some freakish animal?  Well, I’m not referring to any of those (as much as I still want a Prius despite the whole Toyota scandal).  Dr. Murad, the man whose products and educational programs built my skin […]

Fierce Friday: Secret Weapon—Show Some Leg

Fierce Friday: Secret Weapon—Show Some Leg

I am a dress and heels girl. I have been for years. I think that women look better showing a little leg.  With that being said, it's Friday, get fierce.  Show some leg. In three simple steps you can get lovely legs—exfoliate, shave and add shine. Check out lovely Alicia Keys — I love how […]

Chocolate That Won’t Makeup You Fat, But You Will Look and Feel Yummy!

I’m a chocoholic. And for the sake of pounds, I have to avoid it like the plague.  Of late though, I have been getting my chocolate fix with a little square of dark chocolate. It’s amazingly satisfying and has health benefits to boot! CNN health is reporting that a chocolate a day will keep the […]

Budget Beauty Tuesday: Spring Trend 2010 — Teal Eyeliner

It's spring, and time to lose the heavy dark eyeliner. Lighten up and brighten up.  With the floral trend in fashion, it's easy to choose a pretty eyeliner color to compliment not only your wardrobe, but your eye color.  I am particularly smitten with brighter blues and greens for spring, like teal, turquoise and seafoam […]

Lust List: Peter Thomas Roth Bronzer, Illamasqua Blush and Josie Maran Cheek/Lip Stain

Here I am, lusting for even more beauty goodies. I can’t help it.  The beauty business is like technology — as soon as you think you have found the holy grail of beauty booty, there is more to come.  Well, I have a few more items that I’m putting on my lust list.  And I […]

Budget Beauty Tuesday: Your Hottest Prom Looks on the Cheap Pt. 1

It’s your prom night and you definitely want to outshine the other girls. It’s time to bring out your inner bling. With a few key makeup accents your will be as hot as ____________________(insert one — Beyonce’, Rihanna, Keri Hilson, Ciara…) Rihanna was a living doll a the 23rd Nickelodeon Awards.  Even though her makeup […]

Fierce Friday: Secret Weapon–Bronze Glow

Fierce Friday: Secret Weapon–Bronze Glow

It’s spring and time to get rid of pale, blah, winter  skin. Your best way to boost your  glow is with the perfect bronzer. It’s Friday, so get fierce with bronzed glow! I love bronzer for spring and summer for more than a few reasons, mainly that bronzer is the ultimate makeup multi-tasker: 1.  Perfect […]

Bay Area Beauty Events: CoverFX Flashmob March 29 in San Francisco

If there is one makeup product I can’t live without, it’s concealer. That’s because I have dark under eye circles which are probably exacerbated by my late nights and red wine habit.  With that being said, I am all over this event coming up from CoverFX.  Albeit it’s a flashmob, which really scares me (experience […]

Budget Beauty Tuesday: Let’s Play Roller Ball

I’ve been fascinated with all the new products that are coming out in roller ball form. I remember when I was a teen, eons ago, Bonnie Bell extra gooey, extra sweet roller ball lipgloss.  And then there are the various perfume oils that come in roller ball form.  Now skin care from inexpensive to upscale […]

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