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Product Review—Skin Care: Miracle Skin™ Transformer Heal Everything Balm Helped my College Induced Eczema Flareups

Product Review—Skin Care: Miracle Skin™ Transformer Heal Everything Balm Helped my College Induced Eczema Flareups

Blinging Beauty Product Reviews skin care logoIt’s my senior year of college and I guess I pretty much stay stressed out about everything.  And when I get stressed out, my eczema flares up.  And when my eczema flares up, I really hate it, because it LOVES my face.  So, like I don’t have anything else to worry about, my face looks like I have a deadly disease (or like I haven’t washed it in forever) and that’s just great for my so-called social life.

Anyway, it’s pretty cool that my mom lets me review products for her, (I think it’s because I’m a chemistry major, so she thinks I know every ingredient on the planet. Hehe) because she always has just the right skin care product to hook me up.  After much moaning and complaining about the state of my skin, she handed me a tube of Sara MacNamara Miracle Skin™ Transformer Heal Everything Balm, and said, “If you use it, you have to review it.”  Usually those words make me do a u-turn, but my face was looking so-not-cute and it was itching like heck, so I agreed.  And I’m pretty darn happy I did.

 $26.00 Miracle Skin™ Transformer Heal Everything BalmAbout Miracle Skin™ Transformer Heal Everything Balm:

What it is:

A soothing and hydrating balm that provides instant relief and protection to distressed skin.

What it is formulated to do:

This product’s rich, emollient ingredients enhance skin’s own natural repair process. With the help of powerful, skin-soothing natural actives, including Manuka honey, tamanu Polynesian oil, and evening primrose, this product provides immediate relief and visible improvement for distressed skin.

 My results:

The texture was a little sticky but that is to be expected of a balm.  The good news is that  it not only stopped the unsightliness of my eczema but stopped the itching.  I wasn’t afraid to use it for a long time it didn’t have any crazy ingredients like others non-itch stuff. In fact, Miracle Skin™ Transformer Heal Everything Balm contains a natural hydrocortisone substitute—Japanese Licorice Root Extract: A natural Hydrocortizone alternative, reduces inflammation upon application. I should mention the other great ingredients in this cool balm.

-Manuka Honey: Contains specific properties that provide antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin.
-Tamanu Oil: Is an eco-certified oil traditionally known for its healing benefits.
-Monoi and Moringa Butters: Provide excellent hydration and skin soothing properties.

And it definitely works because when I ran out,  my eczema came back.  I like it so  much I  wrote a jingle: “Sarah Macamara–she makes good skin care-a.”

Bling Factor:

Pro: A little goes a long way, helps with itching, heals skin

Con: None

Price: $26

Buy again: Yes, please mom

Packaging: 4 Blings

Overall: 5 Blings

You can get your “miracle” right here:


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  • My daughter had eczema also… I will have to get this for her. Thank you!