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Product Review—Body Care: Shea Moisture Organic Red Bush and Sage Soap

Product Review—Body Care: Shea Moisture Organic Red Bush and Sage Soap

As a minimalist mommy, I don't have time for a frou-frou morning routine.  Not so.  With a baby under a year old, and a 5 year old to whisk off to school, my mornings are a mad dash. But I do love the small things that make me feel as if I were luxuriating in an easy morning with a bit pampering.  

So, something as a lovely soap to brighten my shower is a boost to my energy and gives me the wherewithal to make it though the morning and conquer the day.  

I have been using Shea Moisture Organic Red Bush and Sage Soap and I am absolutely loving it.  Here are the details about this soap:

About Shea Moisture Organic Red Bush and Sage Soap:

A bounty of nutrient-rich tropical ingredients high in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids working together to stimulate collagen production, improve skin firmness and naturally smooth wrinkles. The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of the hibiscus flower help to maintain skin elasticity, improve skin tone and offer anti-aging effects.

Brightening & toning
With songyi mushroom
Certified organic ingredients
Tested on our family for four generations. Never tested on animals

My results:

I've written before about love of bar soaps. I've found a new fave in Shea Moisture Organic Red Bush and Sage Soap. Here's what makes it a 5 Bling-worthy body bar:

This organic soap cleanses my skin without leaving me dry and ashy. It rinses clean and it is not at all "scummy."  It's even gentle enough for my children to use. The shea butter in this bar soap does a great job at moisturizing my skin, even before I have gotten out of the shower.  It even has exfoliating properties, which makes it a double-duty beauty  product!

The scent is beautiful and not overpowering—it fills the air, yet does not compete with other scented products that I use.  

Shea Moisture Organic Red Bush and Sage Soap has a great price point for such a jumbo bar of soap, and it  lasts forever. Well, a long time… I go through several bars of ordinary soap in the time it takes me to use one bar of this one.  Giving me one more reason to love the brand (as if I needed it!)

Shea Moisture got it right with their Organic Red Bush and Sage Soap

Pros: Light, pleasant scent, generous size, awesome exfoliating surface!

Cons: None. 

Buy Again: Yes

Price: $4.99

Packaging: 3 Blings

Overall: 5 Blings

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