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Obsessions: Editor’s Picks— Mascara, SPF 30, Eye Pencil, Lip Balm and Body Wash

Obsessions:  Editor’s Picks— Mascara, SPF 30, Eye Pencil, Lip Balm and Body Wash

We are  more than mildly obsessed with beauty goodies.  To that end, Blinging Beauty has new weekly feature — Editor’s picks!

We try so many products, it’s practically impossible to give every single one an individual review. And then there are those that we have been using for ages that we absolutely love can’t live without them.

Check out our first round of faves—some new, some classic, all objects of obsession.

1.  Team 20/20 writer Camille’s pick-of-the-week:



Benefit BADgal Lash has been my first choice mascara for years now. My no-clump falsies-in-a-bottle can take you from simply batting a lash to creating your own gale-force winds. Absolutely LOVE it!”



2.  Editor-in-Chief Tracey’s pick-of-the-week:


The sun is not my friend. I have to be slathered in sunscreen anytime I leave the house.  I’m loving Melvita  Sun Cream SPF 30. It’s organic, the scent is lovely and unlike most sunscreens, it doesn’t turn me ashy or give me that holographic look—like I just escaped radiation.




Team 20/20 writer Chelsea’s pick-of-the-week:




“I’m loving my NYX Retractable Pencil in green.  It’s waterproof and is the perfect finish to my naturally bronze skin or any bronzed summer look.   And did I mention that it really lasts for hours? Don’t ask me how I know that…”



Nerdy by Nature writer Taylor’s pick-of-the-week:


Yu-Be lip balm is pretty close to the perfect formula.  It’s not too thick, not too thin—it’s the ideal viscosity.  My lips like it.  Just beware of the camphor; it’t aromatherapy for your sinuses.”




Access Hollywood writer Nalo’s pick-of-the-week:



Lancôme Savon Fraichelle body wash is my favorite during the summer months; it has nourshing botanicals that soothe and soften my skin with a refreshing breezy scent.  Maybe I should use it on Kali.”*



Editor’s Note—See Kali below:

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