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Manly Man Product Review: Black Opal Razor Bump Solution Shave System

Manly Man Product Review: Black Opal Razor Bump Solution Shave System

I’ve been shaving a long time.  And I have been battling razor bumps the entire time.  I have found things that work.  Unfortunately most products out there that are supposedly for razor bumps are a joke.

So, over the years I have used smelly solutions that repulse everyone in range of the my shaving area.  I have tried different razors.  I have used every shave gel out there.  I have had chemical peels.

And when all else has failed, I have grown a beard.

Recently, the nice ladies at Blinging Beauty asked me to try out the Black Opal Razor Bump Solution Shave System.  I was not expecting any miracles, believe me.  But, to much to my surprise, I had pretty decent results.

About Black Opal Shave System:


Use our targeted system to help combat the cause of painful razor bumps while preventing new ones from forming. Our products work together to offer a comprehensive approach to cleansing, exfoliating and treating complexion to help maintain soft, smooth results. For all skin types. Helps treat razor bumps and ingrown facial hair.


Exfoliating cleanser.
This exfoliating cleanser helps remove dirt, oil and dead skin cells from your face while Vitamins A, C & E work to nourish and protect the complexion.


Helps create a smoother shave.
This botanical-enriched shave gel helps soften facial hair and create a smoother shave while also working to reduce the formation of ingrown hairs.


Helps treat and heal razor bumps.
This fast-acting exfoliating treatment helps heal razor bumps while also working to prevent new ones from forming.
My results:
I was particularly impressed with the cleanser.  I liked the exfoliation prior to shaving.  I think that it made a big difference in having a clean shave without irritation.  The shave gel is okay; I don’t think I would go out of my way to buy it again.  But the anti-bump treatment was “spot on”.  Yes, pun intended.  My skin was smoother and my bumps were a distant memory.  And overall, I liked the way my skin looked.  So many times with bumps and shaving, my skin would look have a dark appearance, but with using this Black Opal system, my complexion seemed a bit brighter.

Pros: Price, easy to use, kit is convenient

Cons: None
Buy Again: Yes, individual products
Price: $21.95
Packaging: 5 Blings
Overall: 4 Blings

Photo of man shaving courtesy of Thy Black Man.


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